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Voice coach online to improve your singing
with voice pitch feature to track progress

in the form of well presented and explained exercises used by the best stars in the music industry.

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Matt Heafy about how to use Voixtek to improve singing
Interactive Training

First-Ever! Voice pitch feature, known as Voixgram, allows you to sing and check your progress.

Detailed 3D animations

Presenting how exactly you should perform all the exercises. Easy and clear to understand and repeat.

No need to install anything

It’s a web progressive app that you can access on your browser without an App Store or Google Play account.

Test for 7 days free

3 membership options to choose from beginner to professional. Billed monthly or annually. 7-day trial available.

Do you have problems with your vocal cords?

Is your voice tired or overused? Does it hurt when you sing? Are you afraid of developing the “dreaded” nodules on your voice? Are you afraid to sing in public?

If you don’t find the solution to train correctly and overcome your vocal problems, you will keep struggling, and you won’t grow your voice to become the best it can be. Don’t give up on your dreams. The answer is here.

Are you disappointed with the training voice methods used so far?

Until now, if you wanted Pro-level vocal training, tips, and secrets of the master of the industry, who works with the best voices, you would have to pay upwards of $400 for a one-hour session. Not even considering the travel and lodging costs and maneuvering a very flexible schedule due to tours.

What if you can’t afford private lessons with the industry leader? Most people look for “tips and tricks” online and go to local coaches, who don’t have the same experience.

What will you learn with a voice coach online and the Voixtek Method?

Most people don’t equate singing as a health practice, and the common myth is that’s all about talent. We all have the same anatomical components in our body, and all of us can develop our internal musculature as our conduit for feeling great. When using the correct approach and our quality exercises, Singing is a Body exercise contrary to what most think is just a “vocal” exercise. The experience will have you in full control of your breathing patterns. It will condition all your internal organs to receive the energy vibration created by sound through your whole instrument. Our voice coach online program will help you how to sing using your whole body as an instrument.

How to Warm-up
You will learn professional vocal warm-up and cool down to reduce fatigue and minimize the risk of injury

How to improve your performance
You will learn how to give predictable performances and maintain a fresh, healthy voice

How to relax during the singing
You will learn how to emit a steady and relaxed tone without extensive tension in the throat

How to improve your voice range
You will learn how to overcome common problems limiting your voice range, such as ...

How to control your voice with posture
You will learn to control your posture during singing, which will help you manage your voice better

My good friend, Ron Anderson is one of the most incredible people that I have ever met, not only is he beautiful hearted and a great individual, but I have to say he is by far one of the most incredible vocal doctors in the whole world.

Alicia Keys

Voixtek is for you if...

  • Your voice gets tired frequently and after just a few songs.
  • You can’t complete a show.
  • You are a singer but feel you lack control in your singing.
  • You’re tired of feeling your throat scratchy when trying to reach high notes and feel you can’t get past just simple songs.
  • You’ve tried every local voice coach and have not yet been able to increase your range or to feel a change reaching the climax of the songs.
  • You’re tired of the same old, “Do these exercises," without knowing how or even why?
  • You’ve always dreamt of singing and thought it was impossible to learn.

Voixtek is NOT for you if...

  •  You don't want to learn the proper way to sing or become the best singer you can be.
  •  You’re ok with just doing Youtube “sing-along” video exercises and don't want to master your voice.
  • You’re not committed to achieving your singing goals
  • You don't want longevity and a healthy voice so that you can sing well into your golden age.
  • You're going to continue doing the same thing you have been doing and keep getting the same result.


Voixtek solves the biggest problem of learning online by yourself: Having the teachings of the best teacher at home anytime and anywhere.

What will you find inside Voixtek

You will find custom-picked exercises that train your Voice, Body, and Mind.

You will find explaining videos of Ron himself's, to coach you, and show you how and why to use those exercises.

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You will find Ron himself's videos, coach you, and show you how and why to use those exercises.

Our educational training system is kept simple without overwhelming the student with too many unnecessary exercises. Each one of these exercises has the sole purpose of training the right muscles the right way. We recommend working through every activity in your chosen membership daily. This way, you can rid yourself of the bad habits and improper techniques you used to sing.

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