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5 easy tricks to improve the voice you are losing, by Axl Rose’s voice coach

Want to improve the voice you are losing? It is a severe problem and can be expected for singers, regardless of their status and stage in their career. Check out the below list of 5 easy tricks on what to do to avoid such problems.

Axel Rose started training with Ron many years ago. He truly developed his unique style and sound as he mastered the Voixtek method under Ron’s coaching. When you hear Axl sing the projection of his voice is actually placed right in the mask. All textures of the voice are controlled by where they are resonating from,  and NEVER from the thrashing of the vocal folds.  

Training and in most cases re-training your voice is demanding and requires desire and consistency. You too can sing in YOUR best voice, just make the choice!

How to improve the voice you are losing

The Voixtek team prepared the list, and all these elements are part of the Voixtek method.

Tip #01. Check for physical damage and consult an expert

Make sure there is no physical damage to your voice. If an injury exists, contact a professional vocal coach to assess whether your approach to singing needs training and correction.

Tip #02. Training as a key to improving your voice (but only if done correctly!)

Train, re-train, and train again. If you feel you’re losing your voice, it is ALWAYS due to improper technique. Yes, many singers will have surgery, but that is a temporary quick fix. The injury or hoarseness is due to some method that is failing. Although surgery can remove the nodes and repair the bleeding, the cause of the damage can ONLY be fixed with training under an accredited voice coach and correct exercise performance. The singer will understand how manipulating the surrounding musculature and the body as a whole function to keep the cords safe, and the quality of sound improves.

Tip #03. Diet is a severe factor for a singer’s success

Eat properly, avoid highly acidic foods if your throat is showing irritation. Use calming elixirs and water to flush the area.

what to eat to sing better

Check out also Ron Anderson’s tip about the importance of proper diet for singers to avoid losing your voice >

Tip #04. How to avoid losing your voice? Rest!

Vocal rest is imperative when you lose your voice. Giving it the time to heal to let the inflammation go down is the only way you can start to retrain.

You can learn more about the role of sleeping in avoiding losing your voice from Ron Anderson’s tip here >

Tip #05. Pay attention to your speaking voice

Are you employing the support you need when you speak, or are you using your throat and neck muscles? These habits are the most common culprits of losing your voice. Make sure you avoid it at all times. When speaking and when singing.

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