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From the enclosed video clip you can find out who is Alicia Keys’ vocal coach. It presents Keys herself talking about her cooperation with vocal coach Ron Anderson. You will also find a transcription of the testimonial below.

Who is Alicia Keys’ vocal coach?

Alicia Keys is one of those artists that never regrets having chosen to study. Otherwise, life would have been very different for her.

In 2007 just about the time when she was going to start her European tour, she had lost her voice and was forced to call Ron Anderson for his expertise. The minute Ron landed in Paris was magical as his technical skill immediately opened her voice back up, and she was ready to go. Ever since Alicia Keys has never looked back and has been preparing for every show and every tour with Ron Anderson and his Voixtek method, making them long time friends and as she calls him, her savior.

Alicia Keys vocal coach Ron Anderson
Alicia Keys with her vocal coach Ron Anderson

My good friend Ron Anderson is one of the most incredible people that I have ever met. Not only is he wonderful, beautiful-hearted, and a great individual, but I have to say that he is by far one of the most incredible vocal doctors in the whole world. He is an incredible vocal coach. I will never forget the first time that I met him. I basically had no choice but to bring him in, because I was starting my tour in Europe and I had no voice.

Ron Anderson vocal tips for Alicia Keys how to use her voice better

Starting a tour with no voice is not really the move. He came in and he really started to teach me about my voice. He gave me the knowledge and the education and the understanding about what it really takes to utilize your voice in the best way so that you are not straining it, you are not overusing it, you’re really properly placing it. These are things that no one ever showed me before.

And when he came after a matter of a couple of days, we were really able to bring my voice back. We helped my voice get stronger, we helped my registers get higher.

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Now anytime that I do a tour I bring him out so that so we can get started on the right foot and really create the best use of my voice possible so that I can be in this game for the next 50 years. That’s my plan. And I know with him as my coach, I would definitely get this. I really love the guy, I absolutely love Ron. He is really the true word of a teacher, cause he has taught me so much about my voice.
Thank you for helping me to grow and get better.

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