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Ann Mincieli about working with Ron Anderson on tours

My name is Ann Mincieli, and I’m an engineer since 1990. I know Ron for probably 13 years now. We worked on a lot of projects together, everyone, from Courtney Love to Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz. And everyone in between. We all learned the mechanics of how to sing. You know, how to utilize the microphone and how to utilize and place your tone in your voice. We brought Ron in last year, two years ago on as I am, and basically, if Ron wouldn’t come around, we wouldn’t have a tour. We canceled our first four shows.

So, Ron is the best in the game, and he’s the best vocal coach ever.

says Ann Mincieli about working with Ron Anderson

Who is Ann Mincieli? The one of a kind female producer and the Grammy Award winner

Ann Mincieli is a longtime sound engineer and studio producer. She is best known as a longtime collaborator and studio coordinator of Alicia Keys. However, the range of stars she works with is much vast. In the music business, Ann is a phenomenon in many ways. Not only because she is a female producer, but also because when creating her studio, she directly wanted to make her dreams come true. And she got her way because music has always been the most important thing in her life.

The artist was introduced to the musical world by her elder sister, who listened to vinyl records. From that time, sounds naturally became her style of life. Right at the beginning, Ann became more interested in vinyl records cover art and credits. The producers, the engineers, and the whole music industry, for a twelve-year-old girl, seemed to be a various and fascinating world. At the same time, she began learning to play the piano and later the guitar.

The right women in the right place. Mastering skills at the console

Micieli’s high school was, as the producer herself claims, very musical. There, Ann had contact with bands that rehearsed and recorded their songs. She also joined some of them. During her visits to the studio, the future producer saw the music business from a completely different perspective. She realized that there were a lot of people on the other side. It turned out that there existed the entire community responsible for the sound of the recording artist.

There were so many different roles and functions. They were people working behind the scenes for the best effect. It was so fascinating for her that soon she gravitated to willing to learn everything about this industry. Ann fell in love with the idea of engineering around 1990. From then on, she began to polish her skills. Her undeniable talent, an excellent ear, and a perfect touch for the console and knobs made her quickly find collaborators among the top-notch stars.

Making the dreams come true at the New York Jungle City Studios

Already in the late 90s, Ann was seriously thinking about her private studio in New York. As a collaborator of Jay Z, Drake, and Alicia Keys, among others, she had traveled extensively before. Although almost everyone advised against this investment, Ann, when opening Jungle City Studios in 2011, had a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve. And it was supposed to be a place that would allow artists to record on the best equipment available in the world.

Time has shown that she was right. Jungle City Studios is a place appreciated by the most renowned musicians. The retro instruments, rooms with perfect acoustics, and the best mixing consoles are available here. Among clients are Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and even Taylor Swift. Ron Anderson, the vocal coach to the stars, is a frequent guest at Studios. Together with Anna, they are a pair of professionals who guarantee the highest quality of recorded music and vocal parts.

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