What is the difference between singing high notes and low notes?

Singing high notes and the low ones is two wholly different things. The majority of vocalists feel anxiety with the high tones. But the lower ones may be challenging as well. Everything depends on the individual and his vocal range. The reason why the high sounds arise is our vocal cords moving forth. In turn, […]

Can a professional vocal coach teach me how to sing the high notes powerful?

To be honest and offhand, yes. Not only powerful but also clear and permanent. Besides, a professional vocal teacher can achieve much, much more. Virtually, this kind of learning is straightforwardly the best. Moreover, it doesn’t need to be expensive at all. There are endless advantages of private singing lessons. Foremost, the teacher is an […]

The effective tips on how to sing high notes clearer and without effort

Hitting the high notes is something from which good and experienced vocalists are usually recognized. Simultaneously, it is also one of the most difficult parts of the entire singing process. Reaching the top of our vocal range and smooth vocal maneuvers in this area is an essential craft for both professional and amateur singers. It […]

What is the best time to practice singing the high notes?

As you without a doubt noticed, there are times of the day and night when we sing better or worse. Indeed, sometimes we sound lucidly brilliant, the other day just terrible, despite doing everything correctly. Why is it so? Well, this is how our vocal box works, and it is tightly connected with our internal […]

How to learn to sing high notes better for free?

Is it even possible? Let’s talk straightforwardly, to hit the high notes clear and confident is one of the hardest parts of being a vocalist at all. Even when our voice range is pretty wide and high, reaching the sounds on the top of it is always a challenge. After all, a smooth jumping between […]

What is the best way to practice singing the high notes powerfully and confidently?

No singer can do his craft appropriate when hitting the high notes causes issues to him. Practicing a smooth movement in both the upper and lower register remains one of the most crucial matters among the singing techniques. But what is the best way to practice it? On the web, we can find a broad […]

How to reach high notes and sustain them

First of all, going to the upper register and sustaining the highest tones is always uneasy. The most common mistake that singers make is to treat the throat like a sort of stretchable pipe or hose. Hitting the highest notes is a piece of cake. Straightforwardly, squeeze the tube, and it will squeak. Unfortunately, all […]

Singing better with the open throat technique

An open throat technique may sound (Yes!) confusing and seem to be mysterious, but it is not. The concept itself comes from the Italian school of singing, specifically the literal translation of the phrase La Gola Operta. In short, it is a way of singing where pharyngeal space increases and the ventricular vocal folds retract […]

Must singing be difficult?

…and why doesn’t it have to? Many beginners and advanced singers believe singing must be difficult. Among them, there are often top-shelf stars. They wholly think it has to be that way. After all, art requires sacrifice. And this sacrifice is frequently the vocal cords. Naturally, it is one of the least relevant offerings among […]

Why touring can damage a singer’s voice?

Can a professional vocal coach protect you from voice damage? Intense touring is one of the most frequently pointed out reasons for which vocalists suffer the most. The long months of worldwide traveling and singing show after the show are the best recipe for permanent damage of the vocal cords. In particular, when we sing […]