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Axl Rose’s vocal coach

When Axl Rose came to Ron for the first time at the age of 18, he immediately recognized the difference in the training Ron was giving him. As to what he said …. can I come to you every day and train? Then the rest is history. Axl has been touring the world for more than 30 years now, and he continues to have a voice.

Who is Axl Rose’s vocal coach?

Even though there are many changes in a singer’s life on a personal level, Axl has been able to carry the weight and satisfy audiences with his superb range. Ron toured with Guns N’ Roses for many of the initial years when the band had a skyrocketing success—being present in presentations such as the famous Rock in Rio and many others.

In 2016 Axl even started touring with the band AC/DC when he was asked to replace longtime singer Brian Johnson who had been experiencing problems with hearing. Axl took this challenge of learning 27 songs for the tour set, and that’s when he needed to regain after so many years the confidence Ron Anderson and his training brought.

Trailer of the AC/DC tour with Axl Rose

Axl was highly applauded and acclaimed for his performances as AC/DC’s frontman. After finishing the tour with AC/DC, one that lasted almost two years, he regrouped and joined the original Guns n Roses member to continue touring for another three years all over the world on shows that lasted an average of 2:30 hours each night coming to an end in Mexico City being their last show because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Axl Rose's vocal coach Ron Anderson
Axl Rose’s vocal coach Ron Anderson during AC/DC concert

Axl Rose’s vocal coach other famous students

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