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Find out who is Simon Neil’s vocal coach. The below video testimonial presents Mr. Neil talking about his cooperation with vocal coach Ron Anderson. Check the transcription below:

Who is Simon Neil’s vocal coach?

Hello, I’m Simon Neil and I’m from a Rock&Roll band called Biffy Clyro. I first met Ron about 4 years ago when we were making our fifth record. And I’ve been singing in the band for about 10 years at that point and I thought my voice was really strong and I really knew how to control it. But as you would find when you work with Ron or his app, you would realize that you don’t know your voice as well, as Ron does.

Ron basically taught me how to control it perfectly, how to keep the breath going fluid, and basically how to reach the notes that I never ever thought I would reach.

says Simon Neil about working with his vocal coach Ron Anderson

So this is the second record that I have worked with Ron on and really the difference has been massive. I’m singing things now that I never ever thought I would be able to sing. Especially… because I smoke and drink and do all sorts of bad stuff. And then… to really combat that, you know… Ron teaches you how to be disciplined and how to get the best out of yourself. As I said I have probably reached an extra octave that I couldn’t do before.

I thoroughly recommend You to check out Ron Anderson app or Ron Anderson in real life, and in any way, you see fit. Because your voice will change and your life will change, and you can keep rocking forever!

Simon Neil review of Voixtek singing app

Who is Simon Neil? The guy from the most promising rock & roll band of the last decade

Simon Neill (born August 31, 1979) is a vocalist of the Scottish alternative rock band Biffy Clyro. He also plays guitar and writes songs. Along with John Paul Reid from „Sucioperro”, he formed an experimental duo “Marmaduke Duke”. Furthermore, Neill is an active solo artist under the name „ZZC”. Aside from Biffy Clyro he released his debut single “To the Bone”.

However, most of his activities are related to his main group, with which he has released a total of eight albums. The artist is also known for his original guitar playing style. He possesses many guitar models and amplifiers, and he often experiments with their sound. Together with Biffy Clyro, he has also received many industry awards, such as „Best Music Video” or „Best Rock Band”. The group has been on the scene for a quarter of a century, constantly releasing new, well-received albums. It is widely regarded as the most interesting band of the young generation of European rock.

Alternative rock from the cloudy and hilly north of Scotland

The origins of Biffy Clyro date back to 1995 when Simon Neil, James Johnston, and Ben Johnston formed a band to play rock. For three years, the ensemble composed and polished their repertoire. In 1997, the gentlemen moved to Glasgow, where they began their studies. They also started giving their first major concerts there for the growing audience. They were noticed by Dee Bahl, bassist of Godstar, who offered them to release a single.

The song “Inname” was released in 1999 and aired on the independent Northsound Radio station. The interest in the song led to the recording of the EP “thekidswhopoptodaywillrocktommorow” (2000). The content of the mini-album was broadcast by the Scottish branch of BBC Radio. This brought the interest of a larger audience. After performing at the festival “T in the Park”, the group was noticed by the independent label “Beggars Banquet”. And not a long time later, they signed a contract to record her first album.

Keeping rocking forever

Under the wings of a bigger label, in 2001 the band released their debut, heavy rock album “Blackened Sky”. Promoted by the singles “Justboy” and “57”, the record received many positive reviews. The group started touring. They had an opportunity to support the group “Weezer”, among others. The second, more sophisticated album “The Vertigo Of Bliss” was released in 2003. Biffy Clyro parted ways with Beggars Banquet and joined Warner.

The album “Puzzle” (2007), recorded under its label, brought the band the success it deserved. The release was announced as „Record of the Year” by many trade magazines, the singles did well on the charts, and the band began to share the stages with the rock elite. The album “Revolutions”, recorded in 2009, only confirmed the group’s status as one of the most interesting musical phenomena of the decade. Biffy’s streak continues. Each subsequent album contains some new sound alterations, but the band never loses its rock character.

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