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Brandon Boyd’s vocal coach

From the enclosed video clip you can find out who is Brandon Boyd’s vocal coach. It presents Hayley herself talking about her cooperation with vocal coach Ron Anderson. Check the transcription below:

Who is Brandon Boyd’s vocal coach?

Hey Everyone. My name is Brandon Boyd. I am a singer of the Incubus as well as the band Sons of the Sea. I am here today to thank Ron Anderson as well as recommend him to any people who are interested in becoming the better singers. And from my perspective it was, I thought I found it kind of interesting because I’ve been singing for most of my adult life.

I started singing in Incubus when I was fifteen and I never really had any proper vocal lessons of any kind. I kind of learned through trial and error. And I got, you know, a relatively long way as a result of it but I was always interested to see if there were avenues that I could pursue that would allow me to become a better singer. Even at this sort of late stage.

Ron Anderson was recommended by a friend and I’ve been absolutely amazed at what he has taught me in a very short period of time.

And the (inaudible) blowing/glowing? sort of it is that even though I’ve been singing for 24 years almost now, I have just in the past 16 months become a much better singer. So thank you, Ron. Thank you for that. So if you are a young singer or someone that’s just expressing interest in learning, I think he is an amazing place o start. Or, if you are someone that’s like me who’s been singing for a very long time and is interested in getting better, better than you already do. He’s also the dude. So I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you, Ron.

Who is Brandon Boyd? One of the most original voices in the music industry

Brandon Boyd (born February 15, 1976) remains best known as the lead singer of the American rock band Incubus, with which he achieved international success. His parents, who pushed him in this direction from an early age, had a great influence on the choice of his artistic life path. Plus, they both worked in the entertainment industry. Brandon’s brother and cousin also followed this path. One is a singer. The other is the guitarist. The world of music called him up pretty quickly. Already in high school, he joined the group, which later evolved in the band, Incubus. What made (and makes) the group’s work unique was his specific voice. But Brandon’s role in the band was not limited to singing. The result of attending art classes at the college were unique designs of leaflets and other promotional materials of the formation. Besides, he is also active in the band as a drummer, songwriter, and sometimes also plays the guitar.

Brandon Boyd of Incubus with vocal coach Ron Anderson

Breakthrough and worldwide success with Incubus

The beginnings of the group date back to 1991, but the first album was self-released in 1995. “Fungus Amongus” attracted the attention of the Sony label. It’s no secret that what decided to offer Incubus a contract was precisely the voice of its singer. The first two releases under the label’s wings did not bring success. The breakthrough was the third (“Make Yourself”, 1999) and the fourth album (“Morning View”, 2001). They brought considerable commercial success. Brandon himself became the most popular singer among the female audience. The band did not slow down, releasing next, very well-received albums: “A Crow Left Of The Murder” (2004), “Light Grenades” (2006), and “If Not Now, When?” (2011). In the meantime, the group also won a Grammy Prize in 2005. Later, Brandon recorded his first solo album (“The Wild Trapeze”) and became the lead singer of the alternative group “Sons Of The Sea”, with which he released a self-titled album (2013).

An artist whose talents go far beyond music

Although music remains Brandon’s mainstream activity, he does not neglect other areas of art. He never gave up his love for drawing and painting. He designs his tattoos himself, inspired by the culture of the Far East. The audience can see his works at organized exhibitions. He also publishes albums with his drawings, paintings, photos, and texts. In his art, he often touches upon environmental protection issues. At the same time, he conducts charity work. He is also active with the Incubus group and Sons Of The Sea. His development as a vocalist, artist, and musician can be seen in recent records, concerts, and performances. Recently, for the first time in his career, he took private singing lessons, although before that he often rejected them. As he admits, even though he has been singing since the age of 15, thanks to working with Ron Anderson he became a much better singer. And this is not the end.

Brandon Boyd’s vocal coach other famous students

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