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Who is Cedric Bixler’s vocal coach? Cedric Bixler worked with vocal coach Ron Anderson to improve his singing. Check the video testimonial for more information.

Who is Cedric Bixler’s vocal coach?

Hi, I’m Cedric Bixler, and I sing for the band called ‘The Mars Volta.’ I’ve been seeing Ron since, I think, 2004, and I was introduced to him through our guitar player. I was always reluctant to take any kind of lessons because I thought, in the way that I thought back then, that maybe I would start mimicking the way they sing. And I realized I needed to figure out techniques on how to maintain so that I wouldn’t have so many off days on tour. I came into Ron’s, and he was just the easiest person to work with, and soon I figured out that wasn’t going to be the case.

Cedric Bixler’s vocal coach taught him how to use and take care of his voice the proper way

Everything he taught me has helped me stay one step ahead of, you know, a weak lungs worth of tour within, you know, maybe a month long. So, it bought me a longer life span, and everything I was doing was wrong. I had to figure out the right way to do it. And he taught me how to do it in the right way. How to take care of my body and how to hit the notes correctly. If I hadn’t gone to him, I think, by now I would have not, I probably wouldn’t be singing anymore. I probably would have hit some really bad spots and just giving up. Having him teach me what he taught me, it’s just been a blessing, and it’s just bought, and added 30, 20 more years to my career as a singer.

It’s the best technique I’ve come across. I have always had people try to give me a sort of different old wives’ tales approaches to what they think is proper singing.

But Ron taught me a proper diet, and proper technique of singing, and just how to take care of yourself really. And, you know, how to hit it right and how to approach certain vowels, and how to pronounce them in the songs. And how to not be afraid to use your belly to get that power, you know, stuff like that. So, if it wasn’t for Ron, I don’t think I would be singing right now. I would probably just resort back to a bunch of screaming style music which… Even then, you have to learn how to scream properly if you’re into that. So, yeah, I would suggest Ron to anybody, anytime. He is what I call maestro.

Who is Cedric Bixler? From multicultural El Paso City to the elite of the most famous rock groups

Cedric Bixler-Zavala (born November 4, 1974) is an American vocalist text author, and songwriter. Best known from the prog-rock group The Mars Volta, but also associated with the iconic bands At The Drive-In and Antemasque. Bixler possesses a forceful and high tenor voice type. Its range spans from D2 to C7, which makes his owner a very comprehensive vocalist. Cedric is, in many ways, a unique personality in the world of progressive rock.

Listen to Cedric Bixler and his the Mars Volta music on their YouTube:

His abstract texts, openly called nonsensical by many, immediately attract attention. The artist often looks for inspiration for writing them very far, even in other cultural circles and times. Regularly, Cedric sings in several languages in one song. As a Mexican by origin, on stage, he is extremely active. He lively plays maracas or other percussions. His hallmarks are dancing and doing acrobatics as well. His extraordinary temperament has a significant impact on any band with which Zavala plays or collaborates.

Growing up in El Paso, and the iconic groups, ‘Foss’ and ‘At the Drive-In’

The first band with which Cedric made the first musical steps was the punk rock line-up ‘Foss’ founded in the early 1990s. Music was to be a way to escape from the difficult living conditions in a border town. The group released two EPs and one album, achieved moderate success, and even had two tours in the USA. After the departure of the leader, Beto O’Rourke (later politician), Zavala founded the band At the Drive-In in 1994 with guitarist Jim Ward.

Later the same year, the group recorded their first album (‘Acrobatic Tenement’), and Bixler’s longtime music partner, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, joined the line-up. At The Drive-In released their classic albums: ‘In/Casino/Out’ (1998), ‘Vaya’ (1999), and most of all ‘The Relationship Of Command’ (2000). After that, line-up gained a reputation as a cult group on the independent scene. ‘Relationship …’ also turned out to be a commercial success. After its release, the band went on tour around the world.

The Mars Volta, the true prog-rock prodigy of the new millennium

Unfortunately, after the release of the third album, mental and psychical exhaustion hit the band. For these reasons, at the height of their popularity, the group announced a hiatus (2001). Indeed, that spelled its dissolution. Later that same year, Bixler and Lopez-Rodriguez began working on their project, which eventually saw the light of the day as The Mars Volta. The first full-fledged album of the group, ‘De-Loused In Comatorium’ (2003), delighted progressive rock fans all over the world.

Subsequent releases brought the band a Grammy in 2009. Until their break-up in 2013, they recorded six well-received albums. They also became known as a very unconventional group, combining in its music influences of various cultures. Cedric has never hidden the fact that at a critical moment in his career, Ron Anderson, a vocal coach to the stars, was helping him. Thanks to the cooperation with Ron, the artist significantly improved his singing technique and avoided losing his voice completely.

Cedric Bixler’s vocal coach other famous students

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