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Chris Carrabba’s vocal coach

Who is Chris Carrabba’s vocal coach? If you are looking for an answer to this question, here it is! Chris Carrabba worked on his singing with vocal coach Ron Anderson. Watch the below video testimonial by Chris Carrabba himself for more information.

Who is Chris Carrabba’s vocal coach?

Hi, I’m Chris Carrabba from the band Dashboard Confessional. I’ve been working with Ron for a few years now. I came to Ron because had had my deviated septum fixed, and it did change the sound of my singing voice quite a bit. By overdoing it I had also been getting myself in a lot of trouble.

I have a kind of singing style that is a bit percussive and plays with dynamics to the absolute result. In other words, I scream and shout a lot, by which I was hurting myself. I didn’t feel any pain, but I would wake up in the morning with no voice and there was no warning in the way I was singing. I didn’t feel it coming on. So I came to Ron just wanting to learn how to repair that. I didn’t have a lot of interest in taking vocal lessons or studying voice technique, or anything like that.

Ron Anderson teaches how to scream without hurting yourself

It was something that wasn’t part of the world I am from. From the punk rock world, you know. You’re just supposed to go for it. But Ron has this incredible teaching style that makes the idea of studying the voice a lot of fun. I started getting serious with Ron because it’s kind of infectious. He knows so much and then… you learn so quickly that you get the idea that you can. There are so many possibilities where you can take your voice. And ultimately I keep trying to take it back to the place I was. Don’t wanna sound like an opera singer. Don’t want to sound like a classical singer. I want to sound like the singer I was when I didn’t know how to sing. I just want to be better.

I had the feeling that Ron Anderson could make me any kind of singer that I wanted to be.

Chris Carraba about his vocal coach Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson works with his students not only face to face, but remotely as well

But I think it takes a lot of skill for him to see what I think works in my voice and to steer me back there creating a new way to sing while getting the same result. The same tonality that I got from singing completely wrong without hurting myself.

On the occasion where I’ve kind of been fatigued or slipped into the old habits and run my voice down, I’ve been amazed that Ron has been able to get on the phone or video chat. And to get me out of trouble in minutes or in half an hour or something like that. To put me right back where I need to be. So, yeah, I’m the Ron Anderson fan. He is helping me, and I look forward to where it takes me next.

Who is Chris Carrabba

Christopher Carrabba (born April 10, 1975) is best known as the guitarist and lead singer of the ‘Dashboard Confessional’ band. But he also worked and works with the band ‘Further Seems Forever’ (as a lead singer) and the folk band ‘Twin Forks’ (as the vocalists as well).

The artist started to be interested in music as a young child. At the age of sixteen, he and his family moved from Connecticut to sunny Florida. He took his first steps ‘in the industry’ as a teenager, singing in a high school choir. Even then, the community highly appreciated his vocal abilities. However, his life changed completely at the age of 15 when his uncle gave him a guitar. From then on, the life of the young Christopher began to revolve around the instrument and music. Immediately after graduating from high school, Carrabba joined his first band – ‘The Vacant Andys.’ Soon, he enrolled at Florida Atlantic University.

Being in two bands at the same time and starting his own project

During his studies, Chris continued to play with ‘The Vacant Andys’ but also collaborated with other groups. At the end of the nineties, musicians from the emo group ‘Further Seems Forever’, which was forming in Florida, hired Carrabba. After the release of the first single and the EP, the band aroused interest, which resulted in signing a contract with a major label. Chris, at the same time, collaborated with the punk rock line-up – ‘The Agency.’ In 2000, it released its second album, on which Carraba recorded guitar and vocal parts.

It was in ‘The Agency’, where Chris first collaborated with Mike Marsh. With him, he later worked in his most important group. As the ‘Further Seems Forever’ found the material the artist prepared for the group too personal, Carrabba decided not to wait any longer. He started his own project ‘Dashboard Confessional’ and recorded the first album – ‘The Swiss Army Romance’ (2000).

The Places You Have Come to Fear The Most and the worldwide success

Primarily, ‘Confessions …’ was a side-project. During a difficult period in his life, Chris began writing songs. It was a form of therapy for him. He was then working as a special education teacher. Simultaneously, he collaborated with the FSF on the recording of the band’s first album. Before its release, he left the group (2001) to record the Confessions’ second album, ‘The Places You Have Come to Fear The Most.’ It was a huge success.

Soon Chris’s team was joined by some colleagues from the previous band. Together, they recorded the third album of Dashboard Confessions. It also turned out to be a great success. The group promoted it with a great tour. Soon the nasal septum surgery forced Chris to find a private vocals teacher who would help him out. Reliable Ron Anderson came to the rescue. Thanks to him, the artist regained his original sound and significantly improved his vocal skills.

Chris Carrabba’s vocal coach other famous students

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