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Chris Daughtry’s vocal coach

From the enclosed video clip you can find out who is Chris Daughtry’s vocal coach. It presents Daughtry talking about cooperation with Ron Anderson to improve his singing. “What Ron Taught Me Showed Immediate Results”, says Chris Daughtry about Ron Anderson’s Vocal Technique. Watch the full video testimonial below.

Listen to Chris Daughtry giving a review of the Voixtek method

Who is Chris Daughtry’s vocal coach?

Ron Anderson… Ahh, he is a vocal ninja if there is such thing. This man has saved my life on many, many occasions.

I remember when I’m… When I first started touring, first night, first show, voice gone. Woke up the next morning, could barely speak. Called Ron Anderson. He flew out and it’s just like the same day that I couldn’t speak, I’m on stage that night singing better than I had for a while and it was just amazing to me that he could actually come in listen to me speak, listen to me and my technique.

And just you know exactly what to do to get me where I needed to be and aaa… wow I mean I remember you know doing like one or two shows a week you know… Gotta have a day off after that show because my voice is gone. Now I’m doing you know, we have been on the road for three and the half years and sometimes we had been doing six and seven (shows) in a row. And that’s not an easy task, especially the way I sing.

But Ron has gotten me into a place where I’m comfortable with that I’m able to do what I already could do and actually sustain it and keep it.

Vocal coach who knows exactly what artists need

I have turned many of my friends on Ron. And they have come to me after one lesson and go. Even guys in the band, in Daughtry, in the band, they come to me after one lesson going: dude I haven’t seen this good in years. And you can’t even explain what he does. You know what I mean. We just know it works and he indicates the technique to each singer. He listens to them and knows exactly what they need to work on. Because my warm-ups and our guitar player Bryan or Steely, his warp-ups were slightly different and it was just interesting how he can listen to that person. You know exactly what that person needs. And that’s what’s so great about Ron and I recommend him to anyone.

A lot of people, even myself early on was like I don’t want to go to the vocal teacher. They’re gonna change the way I sing. They’re gonna do this, they’re gonna do that. And they do, in some ways. They do it. They’re supposed to change the way you sing but not change the identity of your voice. And what Ron Anderson did was allow me to be able to do what I do, but better. You know, and actually cleaner, and with more power. I have walked offstage going. I didn’t even know where that came from as I couldn’t do this years ago when I wasn’t touring. And now you know I’m singing every night practically. And the things that I’m able to do with my voice now…

Chris Daughtry’s vocal coach is a… vocal ninja

You know, Ron Anderson has enabled me to that with his technique. And I have been to several vocal couches and he works for me. He… what he showed me, I saw immediate results and that’s what means a lot to me. And I owe you one, buddy. Thank you, Ron. And to everyone who is thinking about using Ron – he is the man. Vocal ninja.

Years of hardening the steel, guitar lessons, high school bands, and first performances

Chris Daughtry (born December 26, 1979.) is one of the most versatile and talented American stars today. For years he has successfully combined the professions of an actor, vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter. Although he appeared to a vaster audience in the fifth season of American Idol, he began his artistic path much earlier. Already at the age of 16, he was playing guitar and singing.

During his school days, he collaborated with various more or less amateur rock groups. Among others with „My Dog Lucy”, „Cadence” and „Absent Element”. Simultaneously, he also took his first acting steps, starring in high school plays The Wiz and Peter Pan. Chris quickly made a name for himself as a vocalist with an interesting voice and as an original rhythm guitarist. With Cadence and Absent Element, he even recorded albums that are now quite collector’s rarities („All Eyes on You”, 1999 and „Uprooted”, 2005). The future was wide open.

The American Idol and the growing popularity in the United States

Chris made his first attempt to show himself to a mass audience in 2005 when he took part in the reality show “Rockstar: INXS” organized by CBS. The program was designed to select the successor of the deceased Michael Hutchence. Unfortunately, Chris did not make it to the live performances stage. The following year, he volunteered for the 5th season of American Idol in Denver, Colorado.

With the votes of Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, he got to the next round and received the Golden Ticket to Hollywood. The rest is history. Though he surprisingly lost in the Top4, the United States already knew that the rock world would get another star shortly. The excellent performances of the standards made that even during the show, Chris received offers of cooperation. He refused, however, and focused on promoting his talent on such well-known TV shows as “The Tonight Show,” “Total Request Live”, and “The Today Show.” He planned to assemble his band.

Daughtry with „The Daughtry”, the international success and the Billboard Charts reign

In July 2006, Chris signed a deal with RCA Records to release the album in the fall of the same year. At the same time, he started forming a team whose line-up was changing frequently over the following years. In November of the same year, the band’s debut album “Daughtry” was released, promoted by the single “It’s Not Over”. The record turned out to be an unexpected success (quadruple platinum album) and launched five more popular singles.

It was one of the most spectacular debuts on the American music market. The following years brought new albums, also well received by the audience. They were “Leave This Town” (2009), “Break The Spell” (2011), “Baptized” (2013), and a compilation of hits “It’s not over” (2016). Each of them brought many chart singles and usually made their debut at the top of the charts. In 2018, the fifth album of the group “Cage To Rattle” was released. The band performs all the time selling out entire halls.

Chris Daughtry’s vocal coach other famous students

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