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Do you wonder who was Diego Boneta’s vocal coach? From the enclosed video clip you can find out. The video is an interview with Boneta, during which he is talking about cooperation with vocal coach Ron Anderson. Scroll down for the transcription.

Scroll down for the transcription of the video.

Who is Diego Boneta? Triple citizenship, triple talented, triple hardworking

Diego Boneta (born November 29, 1990) is a Mexican musician, singer, and actor. He joined the group of recognizable high-top celebrities after his role in the musical “Rock Of Ages” (2012) and the biographical series “Luis Miguel” (2018). Although he is currently a star in the USA, he started his career in Mexico. As a teenager, he began singing and performing.

Boneta achieved his first success on the small screen when he got into the Mexican reality show “Codigo F.A.M.A.” Later he began to appear in soap operas for children and teenagers. He made his first major production in 2011. It was a teen-directed movie “Mean Girls 2.” Since then, he has often appeared on the covers of youth magazines. Soon after, Diego was noticed by Hollywood, which resulted in his hiring for the musical “Rock Of Ages.” There he played alongside Tom Cruise himself. The door to a career has been opened.

A promising actor and genius to play the role of the „Latin Frank Sinatra”

After the success of the musical, things moved quickly. Although the broader audience still associated him with teen films and stars such as Channing Tatum or Zac Efron, Diego’s ambitions were much higher. He could realize them on the sets of subsequent films, such as “The City Of The Dead Man” (2014), “Eden” (2015). He has also participated in television series such as “Scream Queens” (2015) and “The Dovekeepers” (2015).

In 2018, he took part in his most ambitious project so far – the main role in the TV series “Luis Miguel” (2018). It was an extraordinary challenge because the Mexican singer remains a legend of Latin music. In the film, Diego had to combine acting and vocal skills. He had 12 songs by Miguel to sing. Ron Anderson, a professional vocal coach, helped him to sing them in the style of a Latin star. The performance of Boneta was approved by the singer himself and brought Diego recognition in the acting world.

Teaser for the second seson of the series ‘Luis Miguel’ starring Diego Boneta

Striving for a film career through a love of music

Playing Miguel, Diego has joined Hollywood’s most recognized stars. The following years brought him new interesting roles. In 2019, he received an engagement for “Terminator: Dark Fate”, and shortly afterward for the upcoming “Revenge Ride” (2020). However, the star would not be where he is if it were not for his fascination and musical talent. Because it all started with them. He sang and toured as a child.

While playing in the Mexican soap opera “Rebelde” he recorded his first album “Diego” (2005), distributed in the countries of South America. The single from this record, “Responde”, was very popular in Argentina and Brazil. Diego promoted it there on several shows. In 2008, the singer released his second album “Indigo.” There were quite popular singles “Perdido en Ti” and “Losing Me.” The artist successfully combines the career of a singer and actor. Despite his young age, he has made many productions and received a Best Actor award for Rock Of Ages.

Diego Boneta with his vocal coach Ron Anderson

Transcription of the video above:

Journalist: Well, we’re gonna hear this fabulous music where Diego was coming to play this clip. Watch this.

All right that is the music of Luis Miguel. But it is performed and sung that… it was your singing. Diego Boneta is here. Nice to have here.

Diego: Thank you so much.

J: I do not know the Latin music world well. But I like anyone who knows Luis’ name which is as big as any name.

D: Yeah, I mean it’s very interesting because he is, uh, he is our Elvis Presley meets Frank Sinatra. That’s kind of the best way to describe. There’s not a perfect example in the US general market of what this man is. But what I can say is, you know, the one song he did in English was with Frank Sinatra before Frank passed away. And when they asked Frank, you know, what he thought about Luis Miguel, he said he was the best singer he’d ever heard. The guy has an unbelievable voice. I mean similarly registered of Freddy Mercury. You know, very very high, potent voice. And he has been doing it for I mean almost four decades.

J: Telemundo and Netflix are airing almost a twelve-part series about him which you’re the star of. You tell me, given the qualities that you just exposed to take out the role and not have it dubbed, just to really sing it.

D: It was crazy because the last big project that I did was the movie called „Rock Of Ages” based on the Broadway musical with Tom Cruise and there was a lot of singing there as well. But I didn’t have to sound like Steve Perry singing „Don’t Stop Believing”. Here it was you have to sing Luis Miguel songs in the same key and everything. And you have to sound like him but there’s an element there which was experimental, which was changing the tone of voice. Which is something that neither myself, the producer, or even my vocal coach, had ever done. So it was… We had a year to prep, just on the transformation side of the things.

And I’ve never done a role that’s been so challenging. Because from yet I had to change from every single angle. The physical angle, I drop, you know 24 pounds and then I had to do a gap in my teeth because he had a gap. And then the vocal angle which was very challenging. And then also the acting side of things given the fact that you know, this is the man, that… He is… there is a barrier… no one knows anything about him. He’s been very, very private and closed when it comes to his private life. He had a very troubling childhood similar to Michael Jackson in many ways. With, you know, his dad being a very strong figure. And this is the first time ever. He is coming clean. There’s been no documentaries, no biographies. This is the first time. This is authorized by him.

J: So, what I envision in my head, is just that brief thing that we saw in the limo. And that was his whole life, you know, just the parade of amazing women.

D: Did you see „Ray” or „Walk a line”?

J: Sure, yes, both.

D: It’s kind of in that world.

J: Okay.

D: So you see, you know, that the human side of almost like a mythological singer. Or like a god-like kind of guy seeing the relationship with his girlfriends, with his father and seeing that side, that no one has ever seen before in a very raw, very tasteful… It’s very well done but is also very edgy.

J: And there is this whole notion of general audiences and there’s an audience of one. So he authorized this, he approved it.

D: Yes.

J: Were you doing it for him, or were you doing it for this, the public at large.

D: I think I was doing it for both. I got to play my hero which is I think something that is… it doesn’t normally happen. You know, the first song that I ever sang when I was 12 years old, it happened to be one of his songs. That was 16 years ago. And the first newspaper article that came up about me was comparing me to him. I didn’t know 16 years later I was gonna be playing him. So that was pretty cool. It was cool how it came back full circle. I did it for him but also for the audience. And I’m really proud of this project because you know, you hear all these Latin projects, and a lot of them are a narco based…

J: Sure.

D: …and this is not that. This is a success story of our Frank Sinatra, someone that is internationally known. Maybe not in the US general market, but maybe in the US Latin market… in other countries… he’s huge…

Learn more when and how Ron Anderson became Diego Boneta’s vocal coach

J: When you had to change your vocal tone and everything like, when they say yeah, yeah all of a sudden that but to an actor you gonna be playing a part of the boxer. All of a sudden they’re in the gym 20 hours a day and they’re doing that… How many hours did you spend with the vocal coach and how did what would the exercises?

D: I… It was literally a year of just prep which… that doesn’t happen, you know, normally. You know the most I’ve had on movies is maybe the three or four months. So I had to divide my day up to go to my vocal coach. It was the same vocal coach that helped me or helped all the actors in „Rock Of Ages”. His name is Ron Anderson and go, Ron, „What do we do here? Help me!”. And it was going really, really… It was going for the smallest of details… going from: „Ok, let’s change your vibrato to the way his vibrato sounds”. „Now, let’s focus on vowels”. Now he pronounces the As and the Es. And now: „Let’s go to the consonants”. It was, um, I’m not sure if you’re big, Formula One or Nascar, fan. But it was almost like, you know, asking a pilot, you know… we were a car racer… you know, we want you to do this circuit in the exact same time as the other person did it. Taking the same turns in the same angle but do twelve circuits, not one. Because it was twelve songs and each song is different.

And each song has its own thing, right? And that was very challenging. But also a very challenging side of things was how do you play someone who’s kind of a ghost, right? Because you have all the references of him in the interviews and stuff. But the personal sight… no one knows him personally. And you know more about Leonardo di Caprio than this man, right? So I was spending time with him and being very respectful, you know. Because, like I said, a lot of this is very, very tough on him. You know, he had a really, really tough childhood and you always wanna be respectful when it comes to that. My job here was to humanize this legend. So it was amazing and I’m really proud of it.

J: We should tell people, that the „Luis Miguel”, the series premieres Sunday, April 22nd at 9 P.M. on Telemundo. Diego, when you come back we’ll talk „Terminator”, some other things. Good to see you this morning. Thank you.

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