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Diet for singers: eat better to sing better

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  • Proper diet for singers. Underestimated factor in voice improvement
  • The singer’s diet. Why is it so important and what kind of influence on voice does it have?
  • Renowned vocals teacher says: proper food gives a stamina on stage
Diet for singers, learn what to eat to sing better

Proper diet for singers. Underestimated factor in voice improvement

Diet is a very often neglected element of taking care of the voice, even with professional singers. Many of them do not realize how much this factor influences their vocal instrument. They can be partially excused. Series of concerts, travels, rehearsals – where to find time to follow a restrictive diet? And yet, as Ron Anderson’s private vocals teacher always repeats, it is worth adapting to it. Why? Because it has only pros. Ron knows what he’s saying.

The diet for singers. Why is it so important and what kind of influence on voice does it have?

A healthy body equates to a healthy voice! Not only professional vocalists should have it on their minds. So what should every artist avoid in their diet? First of all (easily spoken) – caffeine and alcohol. They usually lead to dehydration and therefore the constriction of the throat muscles. And what is tightness in the throat about, we all know. The responsible singer also resigns from oily and spicy beverages, and meals. Especially on performance day.

Heartburn is not the only issue they cause. They also grease up your throat and cause phlegm. Just like dairy products, which are also not recommended for professionals. And what about sweets? Well, we definitely shouldn’t eat chocolate on performance day. Why? Chocolate gives the energy needed on stage, doesn’t it? Yes, but it also flatters the sound of the voice and coats the back of the throat. The better idea for undisturbed singing is non-fizzy liquids, good protein sources, and… honey.

Renowned vocals teacher says: proper food gives also a stamina on stage

Have You ever wondered how professional singers keep their stamina going during a show? The answer is a properly selected diet. Among other things, what you’ll learn from Voixtek singing app and vocals lessons worth it is that, in essence, the diet of a professional singer is similar to that of an athlete.

Shocking? Maybe, but first of all, it should give strength and endurance. But also take care of those parts of the body that they are taking in when making a voice. And they are… muscles. Muscles of the respiratory system, phonation, and articulation systems, the main building material of which is protein.

A diet rich in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are of the utmost importance.

These foods contain vitamins A, E, and C. They also help to keep the mucous membranes in the throat and larynx properly moistened. Voixtek online singing lessons scheme also covers even those issues.

Diet for singers, watch Ron Anderson giving tips on healthy food

Hi, I’m Ron Anderson and the tip today is food. We wanna make sure that we have a really good balanced meal about an hour and a half to two hours before we walk out on that stage to sing. If you don’t eat, you’re not going to have a good concert. The voice is going to get tired, it start to shut down, the blood sugar is going low. You will have a pitch problem and then you start goin hoarse. So make sure that you eat before the concert. You can eat after the concert too, because you’re probably going to be just hungry then. I hope you’ll have a good concert.

As a 50-year-experienced tutor giving online singing lessons, he is rarely wrong. The result of half a century of his experience is a series of amazing vocal lessons that the greatest rock and pop stars approve. And also the Voixtek singing app, which is an extraordinary application that presents a modern, holistic approach to making Your voice better.

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