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Check out who is Enrique Iglesias vocal coach. In the below video clip you can listen to Mr. Iglesias talking about the cooperation with vocal coach Ron Anderson. Check the transcription below:

Who is Enrique Iglesias vocal coach?

Hi, I’m Enrique Iglesias and I’ve known Ron for twelve years. I can honestly say that he has changed my career. Not only he has changed it, but he’s also saved it. I met him when I was having a lot of problems with my throat um… Singing an hour, and hour and a half, and my throat will be gone. I would only be able to do about two shows, three shows a week. Now I can do four or five, six or seven shows in one week which is pretty amazing. He’s always been there for me. When I’ve been sick, this technique has gotten me through bad times.

I definitely know that if I didn’t have this technique, I would never be able to have gone through those times, through those rough patches that I haven’t toured

Enrique Iglesias review of the Voixtek method

When you go on tour, anything can happen. There would be different weather patterns and different climates. Sometimes we get sick, sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s cold, sometimes it’s dry. And what he has done for my vocal cords has been absolutely amazing. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to have a lot of career in music and singing. Whether you’re a successful recording artist or you just wanna, you know, to train your vocal cords to sing for 80 or 100 years. He’s the magician, he’s the only man to go to. Trust me.

Who is Enrique Iglesias? Following his father to the top of popularity around the world

Enrique Iglesias (born May 8, 1975, in Madrid) proudly continues the artistic tradition of his father Julio. Father, who in his time was one of the absolutes brightest stars in the world of show business. No wonder then, that Enrique, surrounded by music during his childhood, had a love for it no less than Julio. After his parents divorced, he moved to Miami at the age of five. While in high school, he appeared in the musical “Hello, Dolly!” Soon after, he decided that he wanted to devote himself to music. At a relatively low cost, he recorded his first demo, which was accepted by the American-Spanish label Fonovisa. Soon after, Enrique began recording his first self-titled album in Spanish. It was released in 1995 and thanks to two singles “Si Tu Te Vas” and “Por Amarte” it immediately became a huge success. In the first week alone, it sold 500.000 copies. And that was only the beginning.

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From the top of the American Latin scene to the top of the world’s charts

The success of the album recorded in Spanish was a surprise. So, was the Grammy Award for it. The label decided to follow the blow, and soon Enrique’s second album “Vivir” (1997) was released. It sustained considerable interest in the performer among the American Latin audience. Just like the third album “Cosas Del Amor” released a year later. At that time, the artist achieved everything on the Latin scene, so it was a perfect moment for an album in English. A foretaste of what was to come was the single “Bailamos”, added to the soundtrack to the movie “Wild, Wild West”. The song’s success surpassed all expectations and attracted Enrique to many major labels. The singer signed a contract with Interscope Records and released the album “Enrique” in 1999. It also featured the mega-hit “The Rhythm Divine”. Together with “Bailamos” the song reached the tops of the world’s charts. There were few places on Earth where you could not hear it.

Will the wheel of success and popularity ever stop?

The streak of success seemed endless. In 2001, another album of the artist, entitled “Escape”, was released. It made its debut at the top of the charts in many countries. Promoted by two following mega-hits, “Hero” and “Escape”, it became multiple platinum in Canada, UK, USA, and even in Germany or India. In total, the album sold 23 million units worldwide, remaining the greatest commercial success of young Iglesias. Enrique went on tour then, performing in over 16 countries. After the release of another Spanish-language album “Quizas” (2002) and subsequent “7” (2003), the artist set off on a gigantic tour around the world, visiting countries such as India, Australia, and Singapore. After such an intense effort, he had to rest. Fans had to wait four years for the next material, but the release of the album “Insomniac” (2007) meant to go on another tour… So far, the artist has sold more than a hundred million pieces of his albums.

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