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Florida: an important historical center of metal music in the US

Florida, an important historical center of metal music in the US

It may be surprising, though, but it is true. The sunny state is historically one of the most important centers of metal music birth and development. You do not need, of course, to remind this obviousness to anyone. And decidedly to no fan of this kind of music. After all, it was here where bands as crucial to the genre as Death, Morbid Angel, or Obituary started their careers. Besides, a peninsula has its share in co-creating such styles as death metal, progressive death metal, or nu-metal. Peninsula is also a site where one of the most famous metal festivals take place. To mention, among others, ‘Central Florida Metal Fest,’ though. It is not an exaggeration to say that modern metal music without Floridian influences wouldn’t be the same. However, it may be odd because one never associates this extremely sunny part of the world with dark and heavy music. A reality can amaze, can’t it?

A state of talented metal experts being ready to share their knowledge and experience

Undoubtedly, Florida is a place where metal is doing well. You can find here a lot of bands, events, and more. Some of the most influential record companies have their headquarters here, both mainstream and niche ones. Well-deserved labels like Morrisound Recording, for example. Thanks to all of this, an everglade state is a location where you can find talented metal musicians, producers, and vocal coaches focused on screaming as well. Each year, apart from tourists and sunbathers, a lot of fans and metal adepts come here. And that’s because Florida is the place where you can also meet the extreme music genre specialists. And, of course, teachers who can learn how to sing metal. Indeed, contrary to appearances, it is not that easy to find a good metal singing coach. Luckily, on the peninsula lives one of the most renowned ones. Everybody, please meet Ron Anderson, a vocal teacher to the stars.

Ron Anderson. A versatile vocal expert who teaches how to sing metal

Is Ron Anderson a metalhead? No, and yes. No, because he is a former classical singer, not a metal screamer. And yes, because he works with metalheads, and he is familiar with all vocal expressions. Besides, metal and classical music indeed have a lot in common! More, Ron is a vocal guru who teaches one principle. According to this, you can sing or scream whatever you want if you know how your vocal box works. Understand how your body produces the sound, and singing in each music genre won’t be a challenge. Many metal vocalists have worked with Ron. They are, for example, Matt Heafy, Axl Rose, or Simon Neil. And they all had to admit that Ron is a magician. Currently, there are only a few vocal coaches who focus on this kind of singing. Ron is one of them. Decisively, as a former opera singer, he is a person who mastered techniques of long and powerful performance. And that is what every metal singer needs, after all.

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