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Who is Hanson’s vocal coach? Ever asked that question? So, here is your answer: Hanson’s vocal coach is Ron Anderson. Watch the below video testimonial in which the band themselves talk about working with Ron.

Who is Hanson’s vocal coach?

Taylor: When we first met Ron, I was fifteen years old, and we had been touring the world luckily with a successful record. And we found ourselves at a point where we were singing night after night. I was going through a vocal change, and I was losing my voice.

Zac: …and you were progressively not singing.

Taylor: Yeah. I had spent months at a time just in silence and had gone to doctor after doctor. They looked at me and said, well, you know, the only solution for this is surgery or…

Isaac: Well, eventually, you are going to need surgery. That was basically what it was.

Taylor: Basically, Ron’s name was the first person that came up, that said. The only person who can really help you. Get through this and figure out how to make this work with Ron Anderson. We heard about a lot of vocal coaches, and a lot of people have been thrown in, but nobody…

Zac: We were pretty skeptical.

Taylor: Yeah, we were critical at best, you know. And I remember going to see Ron, which is now, been, gosh, twelve years ago, and again kind of going: „well, we will see what happens.” Within thirty minutes, I remember looking at the couple of people that were with me and just going, oh my god, like I feel things that I didn’t know existed.

Taylor: The ways that I was doing it were wrong. I can honestly say that Ron saved me. And here we are, twelve years later, and we sing night after night two and a half-hour in a row. And lean on the techniques that we’ve learned with Ron.

Zac: Yeah, definitely. I mean, there’s a variety of skills that you just can’t be a professional singer and not have. Ron has been a key in providing that toolkit of ways to protect yourself, the technique you need to really sing properly. And just an immense amount of skill and knowledge that we never could do what we’re doing without. Without that.

Not only is Ron an amazing vocal coach, but he really is, and this is, I think, the most important thing about working with him, that Ron is really somebody that is more like a guru.

says Taylor from Hansen about voice coach Ron Anderson

Taylor: You go to Ron, and you say: Ron, how do you fix me? And well, you know, it’s the understanding of the body coming from the history of singing opera. And it’s his technique. Ron is such a wonderful person to be around. He draws out of you how you can sing the best. He is not saying: let’s sing this way and have a certain sound.

It’s really about saying: your body wants to sing right. You just have to get out of the way.

Zac: I was gonna say that. He doesn’t put the technique or the ”proper way of singing” over your style and your natural talents and tendencies. He tells you how to sing the way you want to sound in a way that you’ll sound better, you’ll be able to sing more, you’ll be able to sing higher and lower. And really just provides you with more tools to better yourself, not to change you into some kind of, you know, „now you’re a professional singer with technique.”

No, he gives you the tools to be able to sing the way you’re supposed to but still sound the way you want to.

says Zac from Hansen about Ron Anderson, their voice coach

Taylor: We all gonna say that we love Ron Anderson. He is the man and somebody that we would not go on as a band without. Without being able to lean on Ron.

Who is Hanson? Three talented teens from the middle of nowhere

Hanson is an American music band formed by brothers Issac (born November 17, 1980), Taylor (born March 14, 1983), and Zac (born October 22, 1985). The group achieved its most memorable success in the second half of the 1990s when the world heard ”Mmm Bop.” It became an international hit, and together with the album ”Middle Of Nowhere” (1996), it sold over 10 million copies. For this record, the trio achieved three Grammy nominations as well.

Although in the 1990s the group consisted of teenagers, their music went far beyond the topics typical for their age. Currently, although the brothers have grown up and their popularity no longer reaches that of the turn of the century, the trio is still writing great new songs. They record albums and play shows too. During these twenty years, they developed themselves in the musical craft. To the delight of old fans, they are still active. They also attract crowds of new fans.

MMMBop and the explosion of the worldwide success

The Hanson brothers were born and raised in Tulsa, Texas. Although each of them started their musical education on the piano, Zac very quickly converted it to drums, and Isaac to the guitar. Since early childhood, the trio performed by singing songs during family parties. The brothers gave their very first serious concert in 1992, during a Tulsa festival.

Under the name “The Hanson Brothers.” In 1994 they released the album ”Boomerang” at their own expense. In 1996 – the album ”MMMBop,” on which appeared their later mega-hit. The breakthrough of the trio came the following year, when the talent hunter, Steeve Greenberg, noticed them during a performance at the Kansas State Fair. Steve led the brothers to sign a contract with Mercury Records. The label for which the trio recorded in 1997 the LP ”Middle Of Nowhere.” The rest is history. The popularity of the Hansons exploded, and “MMMBop” virtually did not come off the radio and TV air.

Leaving a major label for artistic independence

The brothers indeed took over America. In their hometown of Tulsa, the day of the album’s release was designated ”Hanson’s Day.” The demand for information about the group was so great that the band started to publish a special magazine “MOE.” Their label itself also released a biographical movie, which attracted a lot of attention. In 1998, their authorized biography also saw the light of day.

The band went on a long tour, documented with the album ”Live From Albertane.” During the tour, the brothers wrote songs for the new album ”This Time Around,” released in 2000. Due to the label’s financial problems, the album was not accordingly promoted and sold poorly. That is why the brothers broke the contract. Since then, practically to this day, the brothers themselves are responsible for their careers. They tour a lot, so the private lessons with a renowned vocal coach to the stars, Ron Anderson, are much appreciated.

Hanson’s vocal coach other famous students

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