How Voixtek checks your progress

Let us introduce you to Voixgram.

Ron Anderson’s ‘sing better app’ with an innovative tracking system allows you to measure your progress

Voixgram is a visual representation of the audio wave of frequencies of the voice during the exercise. This Voixgram analyzes the frequencies and pitch of each note in comparison to the target notes and how it should be sung in order to determine your progress.

With our proprietary Voixgram, You can track your success with the stars and scores system, and we will eventually have open forums where we will be able to chat and ensure you’re all true learning!

Watch the below video to see the Voixtek tracking tool in action!

Listen to Matt Heafy, explaining how Voixgram works inside the app and how it helps the user to track their progress and perform exercises.
Voice app to track your progress