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How can I improve my screaming?

How can I improve my screaming? Is a professional vocal coach necessary?

Let’s say it straight screaming is troublesome. It is frankly one of the most complicated and very menacing techniques. Doing it wrong can permanently damage your voice and vocal cords. And also to end your career. However, if we perform it correctly, screaming can take our performance to a brand-new level. As they say, training makes the master. Therefore, a scream is also something to train and master.

If you want to include the scream into your sound for good, you need a serviceable pack of exercises and good practices. They have to contain both warm-ups and performance practices. In this case, appropriate training is crucial. Bad habits in the case of singing are reversible. However, in the matter of screaming, the damage may be permanent. And If done incorrectly. Undoubtedly, the best option for care and learning how to scream is the vocal coach. However, there are ways to practice without him. Below, you can acquaint yourself with some of them.

Voice coach Ron Anderson tips will help you to improve your screaming and singing
Voice coach Ron Anderson tips will help you to improve your screaming and singing

Functional practices and techniques to improve screaming

After doing a proper warm-up, you should master the cooperation of all parts of your body that produce a scream. The first stage of this process is your diaphragm. This is where the voice originates. Moreover, throughout this part, you will control and sustain the airflow.

To scream safely, you need the air to come directly from there and no other part of your vocal box. The second stage of voice production is the chest. It adds distortion and is one of the sound resonators in your body. Simultaneously, it is a place where you can constrict the sound. Put your hand on the chest during the singing and push slowly. Now, you can observe how this move changes the tone of your voice. You can use this method both as an exercise and a singing technique. However, the question you have to remember is a proper posture. Stand straight but not stiff. Don’t forget it on the stage.

Appropriate breathing and shaping the airflow through the throat and mouth

A powerful breath is absolutely crucial for screaming. It is a solid flywheel for our airflow. Categorically, to get a strong exhale, you need to breathe with a relaxed chest. Then, you have to open your throat. Now, we are almost at the end of the road. Safe screaming is very similar to yawning when your tongue remains flat and your soft palate is rising. Obviously, you can try this before yelling.

This space between the lower and the upper parts of your mouth is the safeness of the whole process. Together, with mouth forming, it allows achieving the proper and the most efficient shape of your throat. The last part of the vocal domino is our mouth exactly. It releases our sound and, with lips, form it to the words. Of course, if you scream words and not only the vowels or sounds. The best way to scream in such a case is to open your mouth widely.

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