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How singing can benefit your health

Can singing benefit your health? Yes, it is not a joke. The art of singing is not just art and pleasure. Singing is nurturing to the body, mind, and soul. When we engage our bodies to vibrate and create sound, we, in essence, become part of that vibration that then brings us to be happier and healthier. It also may be a kind of meditation.

Singing is essential to every human. It’s interesting to see how this knowledge had avoided our perception. We can all remember hearing people humming when they are happy. Whether it was your mom in the kitchen, grandma sitting in the living room humming, or ourselves chanting along to songs and humming. These are all spontaneous impulses that our brain creates so that the vibration can release the necessary hormones to create happiness. Singing can also be the cure. Each artist will admit that during the performance, he almost touches a different and much better world.

The undoubted advantages of singing, both for the body and soul

For decades, scientists have been suspecting that singing has a significant and healing influence on the human body. Even ancient philosophers frequently admitted that. There always has been something in the air during concerts or performances. But so far, we have had no confirmation. Fortunately, the latest research brought a turn of events in this matter.

How does singing influence and benefit your health?

According to the university investigation, singing measurable increases the self-esteem of the vocalists. As a result, it reduces feelings of social isolation and promotes better mental health. And it is not all. The process of music interpretation causes the release of endorphins in our body. W can spot this phenomenon when we sing together or perform on the stage with other musicians. The whole event is simply a massive dose of positive energy, both for the performers and the audience. In conclusion, the chanting process can be natural therapy as well. Do we need any more reasons to start singing right now?

A professional vocal coach who encourages everyone to sing as much as possible

Voice coach Ron Anderson will teach you how singing can benefit your health
Ron Anderson the best vocal coach in the industry with clients’ portfolio including Alicia Keys and Axl Rose. Check his YouTube channel:

And this is precisely what Ron Anderson daily does. Not only is he a vocal teacher to the stars. He also is a promoter of singing. Chanting or humming for the whole life, daily, right now. As he says, he is a passionate believer that everyone should sing daily. Why? Because aside from the many health benefits the act of singing has, it brings joy to the world. He gets to experience this first hand when he is standing on the side stage, witnessing the moving reaction of thousands of audiences all cheering and singing along with the artists on stage. For Ron, it is always a mind-blowing experience and one which never gets old. He has been coaching for over 50 years and singing for even longer. And, no matter how much time passes, every new artist who dedicates their time to their craft holds a significant responsibility with them, which are, sing well, share your passion, and spread love.

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