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How to avoid losing your singing voice forever

The greatest fear a singer faces is the horror of losing your voice.  It is the thing we avoid the most and unfortunately the reason why so many celebrities flock to Ron Anderson. The natural ability to sing is truly a biological ability. Now whether you can keep the voice and control it, depends on your level of training and understanding exactly how the voice works and employing the musculature that it demands from the first note you some, to the very last! 

Can you lose the ability to sing?

There have been many singers plagued with this question and even Doctors have told them that they couldn’t sing.  Tom Keifer was told he would have to leave his career even after 5 vocal surgeries.  He trained with Ron and just recently released a new album. 

Can you lose the ability to song? No. I don’t think you lose the ability, what you do is create irreversible damage by continuously using bad technique and opting for multiple surgeries without treating the real problem, which is a lack of control over your instrument and understanding how it is meant to work! 

Can you lose your singing voice by not practicing?

This is a great question. When you don’t practice and keep.your voice trained, you don’t lose your singing voice, you lose the agility and flexibility your voice requires from you when you sing. You might feel  ”out of shape” but it is something you can come back from. All you need us training again and consistency!

Is singing a skill or a talent?

Singing is a talent, for sure, but the art of singing is a skill you must train and keep working on throughout your entire career.  See, our instrument is biological, which means that how we are feeling affects how we sing.  Making sure that you know how to sing during physiological changes is essential to understanding your voice and mastering it’s skill.  Also knowing when NOT to sing, is a skill most professionals develop.  We encourage all singers to listen to their body and honor the limit if there is one that day.  Being prepared and warming up your voice will help on that journey, but knowing when the voice says ”please rest” is even more important than all other skills! 

Which dangers during the singing can make you lose your voice forever?

If you are a professional singer, many things can make your vocal box hurt. Singing, undoubtedly, remains a very engaging activity for your body. The diaphragm, chest, larynx, and mouth do laborious work while you perform. And it has a significant influence on them. All the more that many singers tend to overload their voices. Not even to mention detrimental singing habits, inappropriate diet, and improper way of living. In this business, frequently met ailments are vocal cords nodules, chronic laryngitis, and even vocal fold paralysis. Indeed, these diseases are a severe threat. Even if you do not lose your vocal capabilities forever for many reasons, you may not be able to sing. Unfortunately, the foremost cause for which stars customarily lose their voices are their faults. Indeed, we all know what a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and tour life are. Alcohol, lack of sleep, and full power on stage! Fortunately, you can get out of many singing troubles untouched.

Are there any ways to keep my voice from losing permanently?

Yes, they are, even in very demanding cases. However, we have to get it straight. There decisively exist the ways and methods to kill your vocal box. Fortunately, it is a part of our body that regenerates intensively. It doesn’t mean, of course, you don’t need to save it. Decidedly, if you care about your vocal box, it will serve longer and better. But it needs proper practice and adjusting to a healthy lifestyle. It also needs awareness. Whenever you feel any discomfort or unpleasant sensation in your throat, do react. Give a rest to your voice, stay in touch with your doctor, and visit a vocal coach. Those are simple advice, but they helped to avoid even surgeries in many cases. Don’t ignore even the seemingly harmless ailments. There are plenty of stories of professional vocalists who passed over serious diseases. Unfortunately, for many persons, it didn’t end happily. Treat your voice as your precious child.

Thomas Keifer and his near-miraculous story. The healing of the paralyzed vocal cord

The case of Cinderella’s vocalists may be undoubtedly a heartening tale. Individually for everybody who struggles with severe problems with vocal folds. Tom Keifer is a famous leader of one of the most renowned ’80s rock bands. Unfortunately, due to personal issues, he was diagnosed with paralysis of the cord. What was worse, the doctors told him he would not be able to sing again. Luckily, they direct him to Ron Anderson. Ron is a vocal coach to the stars and, usually, an emergency in cases connected with the vocal cords. So far, Cinderella’s vocalist had already undergone four or five surgeries. The prognosis was genuinely bad. However, after one intense training session with Ron, Tom saw much improvement. After working for some time, he regained the strength in his voice. Even more, he surpassed the quality of his vocals from when he was young. Indeed, if you find a specialist singing teacher, almost everything will be possible.

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