How to sing high notes

How to reach high notes and sustain them

How to reach high notes and sustain them?

Wan to know how to reach high notes and sustain them? First of all, going to the upper register and sustaining the highest tones is always uneasy. The most common mistake that singers make is to treat the throat like a sort of stretchable pipe or hose.

Hitting the highest notes is a piece of cake. Straightforwardly, squeeze the tube, and it will squeak. Unfortunately, all that we can achieve this way is the compressed and squeaking sound. Making it worse, when we start adding plenty of air into our vocal cords, they are solely going to lock. And that is decisively going to hurt a lot, no doubt about it. If we want to hit the highest tones clear and confident, we have to make a lot of space and height in our body for the proper foundation. It is not that difficult but needs practice. Accurately, while entering the highest registration, we should lift into our cheeks like a bite. That gives us some space.

Building up our vocal strength for hitting the highest tones with confidence and comfort

As spoken previously, when we want smoothly reach the top of our vocal range, we have to strengthen our voice. A convenient but demanding way to achieve it is a daily routine. Practice makes the master. Try to work with a schedule. The minimum portion of time is thirty minutes, at least four times a week. Decisively, try to start with a proper warm-up. It will help you to open your voice, set up the vocal cords, and start the vocal box working.

There is no way to maneuver correctly and smoothly in the land of the highest notes without the best warm-ups. A lot of people do underestimate this activity. Wrong.

Voice is like a car engine. It reaches full speed only when appropriately warmed up.

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Remember, a weak voice will always have trouble with hitting the high notes, not even mention sustaining them. Practice regularly, and you will spot the difference soon.

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The insidious issues behind the improper posture and lack of hydration

Therefore, building the foundations is one thing and correctly directing the production is another. It is crucial during the singing to adopt the right posture. You have to be flexible enough to both allow for expansion and optimal sound production. Moreover, you can not create any extra tensions or constrictions. It is also crucial to open your mouth and point the chin down. Mouth opening removes the grip from your jaw or throat muscles. Lowering the chin, in turn, helps to reach high sounds located higher in our vocal box. And first of all, stay hydrated. It is as essential as all previous pieces of advice. Or even more important. An issue to consider is a professional vocal coach or private singing lessons. A suitable vocals teacher, like Ron Anderson, can always tell what you do right or wrong. Supported with his almost half a century experience, everyone can sing like stars working with Ron daily.

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