How to take high notes without vocal breaks

Voice coach who will show You how to sing high notes without vocal breaks

Even professional singers sometimes have a voice break in the least expected moment. No doubt about it. You have probably tested it yourself. It is always a bigger or smaller embarrassment. Especially when You try again and… it sounds worse and worse. It is not a big deal when You sing for pleasure, practice or You can make next studio take. But while standing on stage, in front of the large audience, the good audible crack can destroy the magic of the moment.

The worst thing you can do in such a case is pushing the note harder. This very rarely brings the effect.

More often the note sounds even worse, what is annoying and what makes You lose your self-confidence. Good, professional voice teacher can learn anybody how to avoid such unpleasantness. Just give yourself a chance and find out how private vocals lessons online can make the quality of your singing much, much better. Voixtek is here for You.

Singing high notes better and better. In every situation

Voice coach online and singing apps are a good start, but when it comes to daily practice, it is also good to know a few tricks and good habits to make your voice clearer. The very important thing is to accept yourself and Your singing.

During training, in the searching of perfection, You will make a lot of various sounds coming out of Your throat. They are all Yours. Some of them will be good, some – really bad.

Don’t focus on perfection in the beginning. Accept. As wise master vocal coach always says: singing comes not only from our mouths but also from our minds and bodies. The voice of stressed and not self-conscious man is not authentic and deficient. And so are emotions that it brings. Everything is in our minds. Even the notes and our way of thinking about them. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get them right away. Everything will come with proper practice.

Various and useful ways to hit high sounds

There are many movement techniques making singing better and helping to hit high notes. Among them are lip trilling, vocal sirens, larynx relaxation, and tongue tensions eliminations. The most common mistake made by singers is raising shoulders and pushing off with toes when ascending a scale or hitting a high note. They should better relax the chest, neck, and prepare the throat for sustaining the note.

The good vocalist should know which part of sounds he will sing using chest, and which part using the head.

Forcing yourself to sing all notes only with the diaphragm and chest might shred the vocal cords. Very important is also the proper warming up. It increases the blood flow going.

Each singer must remember to stay hydrated too. There are different conditions on each stage. Often neglected but no less important parts of the singer’s training are eating right and resting after each longer period of singing work. Because singing is hard work for the entire body.

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