How to train your voice with the voice coaching app Voixtek

What will happen if I do not have time to train every day?

We never have time, but we can make time, especially for something that we love. If your dream is to sing, train! If you can’t train every day, try and keep a schedule at least 3 days a week to truly learn the Voixtek Method. This way, you can have a long life, a healthy voice, and have career endurance!

The consequences are always the same. If you don’t train and learn how to use your muscles, you will most likely injure yourself! We want healthy, happy voices for all!

How long do I need to train my voice with a voice coaching app?

Singers that have a goal to become the best should treat singing not only as an art form but also as a sport. Being on stage night after night demands physicality and endurance. Entertaining audiences and feel confident on every note require concentration and consistency.

An athlete never stops training, especially not while they are still playing the game. Ron has students that have trained with him for over 30 years and continue to this day. Those that train well and are consistent will reap the better rewards.

How fast will I see some results?

If you have watched the instructional videos describing how the body should be used, before each exercise, and then do as Ron does, you will feel immediate results. Weightlessness to your voice that feels like floating through a song and NOT trying to sound ok! When you learn how to expand the internal musculature with the guidance of each of the exercises. You will struggle at first like in any new discipline, but every day you will keep gaining consciousness of how the body adapts and how your sound will improve on a daily basis. We want you to be great, let’s keep it that way.

How an exemplary day of voice training with an app looks like?

This is what we give the pros… Shhh!

First, wake up! Hydrate! Exercise, move, and get the blood rushing. Then log in to and follow each of your exercises. Don’t worry if it is challenging at first. Make sure you sing every exercise for both high and low ranges and stop the moment there is any sign of resistance, and pay close attention to the guidance being given by Voixman on how to manipulate and control your muscles.

For now, have fun training and let the world hear your beautiful voice!