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From the enclosed video clip you can find out who is Justin Tranter’s vocal coach. It presents Justin Tranter himself talking about the cooperation with vocal coach Ron Anderson. Check the transcription below:

Who is Justin Tranter’s vocal coach?

Hi, I am Justin Tranter from „Semi Precious Weapons”. Currently touring the world with the one and only Lady GaGa as her opening band. Actually three months into that tour I started having a bunch of vocal issues. I mean I still sounded fantastic, of course, but my voice was getting tired way too much and… touring is not always… you know, it’s not only you’re singing the show but there’s always a meet and greets afterward or afterparties and all these things. I would leave the show and I couldn’t even talk at the afterparty which I knew was not a good sign.

I’ve been a musician for so long and I’ve been a songwriter, and a singer, and performer but this was the first one I really started touring where I’m singing like six nights a week. And all of a sudden I couldn’t talk. So I thought well this is touring the world, it was supposed to be the greatest experience in the world, and when you can’t even talk this is like… miserable. So luckily my manager Mark(……), and my genius, and our man at Interscope Record Ron Fair both recommended that I come… we had two weeks before we started the tour in Europe and they both recommended that I come to Ron Anderson. I had I think like ten lessons with Ron in ten days and it absolutely changed my life. It’s invaluable… it’s the best money I’ve ever spent.

It really, really is the best experience ever in my whole life just because knowing how to warm up properly before the show I have no fear before the show. knowing how to warm down properly after the show means I can go out and hang out.

says Justin Tranter about working with vocal coach Ron Anderson

Vocal coach Ron Anderson tips for Justin Tranter how to sing better

Ron Always insists you sleep a minimum of eight hours at night. So I can’t party as hard as my band members do because they get two hours of sleep. But I’m still able to enjoy myself much much more because of everything I’ve learned from Ron. (…) Whenever I’m back in LA for more than five minutes, I always find time to come here. Of course, I’m still here at Ron’s magnificent home and studio as much as humanly possible before I leave.

And it’s not just a warm-up that changed my life, it’s knowing how to sing on stage and… the whole thing has just been amazing.

Who is Justin Tranter? Shocking, attracting, indecently talented. The best pop songwriter of the last decade?

Justin Tranter (born June 16, 1980) is an American singer, composer, and activist. For artists such as Justin Bieber, Imagine Dragons, Camilla Cabello, Fall Out Boy, Selena Gomez, DNCE, and Lady Gaga he has nearly three hundred songs written. He was also the vocalist of the band “Semi Precious Weapons.” He has an in-depth musical education. From 1994 to 1998 he attended the musical theater studies at the Chicago Academy for the Arts. Later – the Berklee College of Music.

Already there he distinguished himself as a good composer of melodic songs. It was in Berklee where he met friends with whom he later formed “SPW.” There he also founded the organization “Musicians With a Mission”, a scholarship fund for the education of LGBT youth. In the industry, he is a respected collaborator as well as a recognized activist. In 2012, he signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappel Music to write songs. He wrote many hits and mega hits.

Semi Precious Weapons and the collaboration with Lady Gaga herself

Justin could pursue his talent as a frontman and vocalist of Tranter in the group “Semi Precious Weapons”, founded in 2007. All of its members were, like him, alumni of Berklee College. What made the band stand out was the music described as “filthy glamour” and the bisexual image of the frontman. This attracted the attention of people in the industry, including Tony Visconti himself, who agreed to produce the group’s first album “We Love You” (2008).

Initially, the group released the record as a free download, but the popularity of the songs “Magnetic Baby” and “Semi Precious Weapons” made that the gentlemen were offered a contract by Interscope Records. The original performances of the group in clubs made the group popular with celebrities. They were also liked by Lady Gaga, who invited them as the opening band for her tour “The Monster Ball”. The group has been silent since the next two albums “You Love You” (2010) and “Aviation” (2014).

Renowned activist, vegan, and jewelry designer

Justin also remains a very lively activist for the mainly LGBT community. While still at The Chicago Academy Of Arts, he initiated the AIDS benefits campaign. In Berklee, in turn, he created the „Musicians With Mission” Foundation, which deals with financing LGBT education. He also supports all kinds of organizations fighting the discrimination of homo and bisexual people. These include “GLAAD”, “Equality Florida Pulse Victims Fund” and “GLBT Community Center of Central Florida”.

He often raises funds by auctioning his songs or recording sessions. He is by far the most successful composer in the charts in the last decade. In 2015, he was awarded by Rolling Stone magazine, which named him one of the „Top 20 breakouts of 2015” for his songwriting. In 2017, he received the „Songwriter of the Year” Award for the greatest number of tops songs of the year. The hits he wrote or co-composed occupied the top of the charts for many weeks.

Listen to Justin Tranter and Semi Precious on their YouTube channel:

Justin Tranter’s vocal coach other famous students

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