How to sing low notes

Efficiently and successfully mastering low notes

Efficiently and successfully mastering low notes

Many singers start the practice of mastering low notes rather late. And then, they customarily complain it is more complicated than they expected. Well, it is hard to find a better motivation to start it as fast as possible. If we begin the training of our vocal folds in this field early, we can achieve satisfying results very soon. And there is no doubt about the low notes being as important in songs as the higher ones. But what about the limitations? Can any vocalist achieve the satisfying level of the sung, low sounds? The answer is no. Not every singer can. But a long and intensive work over the vocal cords will decisively bring significant progress. The regular tightening and thinning of the vocal folds more and more every day will expand our vocal range. And it is the best way to master the low notes singing. Of course, with a few following techniques.

Making our larynx free, relaxed, and more helpful

When we achieve the limit of our lower vocal range, we have to get rid of bad singing habits to hit low tones right. The frequently met one is performing low notes by pushing the whole larynx down. Pretty sure you have been acquainted with this one so far. This action makes anybody sound just funny. Moreover, we lose a lot of tones and straightforwardly sing with an altered voice. Remember, the larynx should always be balanced and eased in a relaxed position. How to achieve this? There are a few quite undemanding exercises. The most useful one is speaking the low notes rather than singing them. Thanks to this technique, we can constantly observe the labor of our vocal box. And also, make the corrections on the fly. Furthermore, this exercise is a good first step to mastering the lowest sounds that we can obtain. Our speaking voice varies from singing one. Not focusing on its musicality gives us more capabilities.

Voice coach Ron Anderson shares his knowledge of mastering low notes also in the online app, the Voixtek
Voice coach Ron Anderson shares his knowledge of mastering low notes also in the online app, the Voixtek

Singing the songs with the low notes

The best way to practice the performance of the low sounds is by descending and ascending with the notes. Sliding on the key up a down will allows us to train the vocal cords. They are, of course, muscles. So this activity is just like doing push-ups or squats. To make this work, whenever we are on the lowest note, we should push our voice a little more down. This exercise can expand our vocal range with a few notes. Even if not, it will decisively make the tones from the bottom part of our scale sound much better. And if we are super bored with doing such training, we can do the best exercises available in this business – singing the songs. But, of course, by choosing the ones with plenty of low tones. Customarily, the vocalists avoid those. But if we think about our voice professionally, we must accept such challenges. Overall, courage is an immanent part of the musical branch from the beginning.

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