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Matt Heafy’s vocal coach

From the enclosed video clip you can find out who is Matt Heafy’s vocal coach. It presents Hayley herself talking about her cooperation with vocal coach Ron Anderson. Check the transcription below:

Who is Matt Heafy’s vocal coach?

Ron Anderson saved my life and my career as a singer.

says Matt Heafy in the video above

I had been learning bad habits just from years of not quite knowing what I’m doing, if I was doing it correctly or not with singing and screaming. And I noticed at one point it kept hitting me harder and harder. I had to cancel the tour and when I flew home and had to send our crew home and our band guys home and everyone without salaries for a couple of weeks. It crushed me.

I remember when I landed back in Orlando I got a text from Matt from Avenged Sevenfold. He said: hey, man, is there anything I can do to help? Ron reached out to me and I said: yeah, what did you do when you hurt your voice? And he said: let me hook you with Ron. So I’ve been training with Ron almost for a year now. Every single day I use his app. I use his methods. I use what he has taught me and it’s brought me to become a better singer than I’ve ever been. So thank you so much, Ron. Thank you for everything you do. And if you guys have a chance to learn from him I highly recommend it.

Who is Matt Heafy? From Japan to the USA with love to punk and heavy metal

Matt Heafy (born January 26, 1986) is a guitarist, composer, text author, and vocalist, associated mainly with the heavy metal band Trivium. He also is or was associated with the death metal bands Capharnaum and Mindscar. Already as a child, he learned to play the baritone saxophone. However, at the age of 11, his true love for playing the guitar was revealed.

During his school days, punk had the greatest influence on him, but it wasn’t until he heard heavy metal that he found his musical path. He also made more and more progress in playing the guitar. At the same time, he took part in school talent shows and even castings for music bands. Matt is completely self-taught and has no musical education, which however never prevented him from creating fantastic music. He is also one of the most recognizable instrumentalists playing Les Paul guitars, to which he remains loyal. Heafy received the first model of this instrument from his father.

Trivium, difficult beginnings and first measurable successes

Heafy joined his main group at the age of 13, right after its formation in 1999. He was invited by singer Brad Lewter, who spotted Matt at the school’s talent show. After a few personal reshuffles, Matt became the lead guitarist and vocalist (previously he was a rhythm guitarist). The group polished their skills by playing wherever people wanted to hear them.

In 2003, Trivium recorded their first self-titled and self-issued album. Thanks to this, the German label Lifeforce Records became interested in the group. Under its wings, Trivium finally released the professional album “Ember To Inferno” (2003). Thanks to intensive promotion on the radio and metal festivals, Trivium got loud. The second album “Ascendancy” (2005) has already made its debut at high positions in the rankings. And several trade magazines selected it for the album of the year. Trivium has established itself as a solid brand in the world of metal music. And the next albums only strengthened it.

The perfect shredder and screamer in the worldwide best live band

Along with their artistic and commercial success, the band received many awards. Among others, in the categories of “Best International Newcomer” (2005) and “Best Live Band” of the Kerrang monthly. Matt Heafy himself was awarded the title of “Golden God” in 2006. Following the blow, the band recorded a series of well-received albums: “The Crusade” (2006), “Shogun” (2008), and “In Waves” (2011). And it records them with success to this day.

Trivium is known and considered one of the best metal concert bands in the world. The band presents an extremely energetic show on stage and they always give their best. A characteristic feature of Matt’s vocal is the alternating sung and screamed parts. As a result, its vocal cords are heavily exploited. After a tour that was delayed, for this reason, Matt found significant help with lessons taken from renowned singing teacher Ron Anderson. Thanks to the cooperation with him, he can give his best on stage again.

Matt Heafy’s vocal coach other famous students

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