Matt Heafy (Trivium) reviews the Voixtek app

Watch the voice masterclass with voice coach Ron Anderson during which singer Trivium’s Matt Heafy gives a review of the Voixtek app.

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How to scream like Matt Heafy?

Singing like Matt Heafy and many other rock style singers, is something we get many requests of. It’s quite common that a singer would like to “scream” and have complete control. We won’t make light of this technique. Mastering the complete control of your instrument is essential.

When you hear Matt Heafy sing where it sounds like a scream it’s actually placed right in the nasal frontal part of the mask. All textures of the voice are controlled by where they are resonating from and NEVER from the thrashing of the vocal folds. Avoid damage you may never come back from, by learning the true lot proven technique that Matt Heafy, Myles Kennedy, Axl Rose, Tom Keifer use still today! Sing for life!

What is the Voixtek?

Voixtek is a training system in a form of a web application, which means it is easily accessible from your phone or your computer. It is a cost-effective replacement for singing coaches as it solves the biggest hurdle of learning by yourself: the lack of control from the teacher. It is suitable for both professional and aspiring singers. Instead of losing precious time commuting or booking lessons, Voixtek adapts to your schedule by offering training whenever and wherever you want.