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Megan Nicole’s vocal coach

Who is Megan Nicole’s vocal coach? Nicole worked with Ron Anderson. Check the below video testimonial in which the singer talks about working with the renowned voice teacher herself.

Megan Nicole talks about working with vocal coach Ron Anderson

Who is Megan Nicole’s vocal coach?

I’m working with Ron for over a year now, and I really love working with him. The techniques that he teaches and the warm-ups have made singing so much easier for me. It used to be when I was going to the studio, or I’d be performing. I would only be able to sing for so long because it would wear my voice.

Doing these war-ups and these techniques that he’s taught me it’s made singing so much easier. It means you’re a stronger singer and a much better singer.

Who is Megan Nicole? One simple clip that made a Texas teen an Internet personality

Megan Nicole (born September 1, 1993) is an American singer, actress, and YouTuber. She is best known for her online covers of songs by fashionable artists for which she shoots the original clips. Her fascination with music began at the age of 10 when her father gave her a karaoke set. As a teenager and a high school student, she sang in choirs, both church, and school. Often at that time, she also accompanied herself on the guitar. Even then, she distinguished herself with an original and powerful voice. Megan represents a generation that has been helped by the Internet in achieving success. She made her debut on Youtube with the song ‘To Use Somebody’ by The Kings Of Leon. An amateur video with a girl lively performing a rock hit rapidly became very popular and exceeded a million views. The result was a rapidly growing base of fans and followers. Soon Megan established successful cooperation with other YouTubers.

Megan Nicole with her voice coach, Ron Anderson
Megan Nicole with her vocal coach Ron Anderson

From the popular YouTube star to one of the most famous young pop singers

The growing popularity and interest in the singer allowed Megan to release her first single ‘B-e-a-utiful’ in 2011. It was written for her by well-known producers and industry people such as Tom Mgrdichian, Stephen Folde, and Lairs Johnston. The music video director was Kurt Schneider. The song reached one million views in less than two days, reaching over 35 million to this day. In those days, it was one of the biggest successes on Youtube that caught the attention of music labels. As a result, in the next year (2012), she signed an agreement with Bad Boy Records. Industry magazines such as Billboard also noted Megan’s growing popularity. In the Billboard chart of the 50 most recognizable social media stars, her rank was 29th. And we have to remember that she received her nomination for this list only four weeks earlier. In 2014, the star already had 1.5 million followers on Youtube. Internet viewers watched her music videos and videos over 350 million times.

Searching for a new area for her many undeniable talents

In 2014, the singer changed the publisher to the independent label Hume Records and released the single ‘Electrified.’ The song promoted the ‘Escape’ album released in the same year. The artist broke with the current, romantic image of a teenager. The songs from the album were quite successful, so Megan’s popularity increased. It also resulted in her first meaningful film role. A year later (2015), Megan appeared in the VOD movie ‘Summer Forever.’ She has also taken part in recording songs for films (‘Summer Forever’ and animated web series ‘Get Your Cape On’) many times. In 2017, Nicole got married. The artist has an original and deep voice, thanks to which she is a very comprehensive singer. As a vocalist, Megan has repeatedly admitted to working with a professional vocal coach to the stars, Ron Anderson. She also frequently emphasized that the techniques Ron had taught her to have a significant impact on the quality and scale of her singing.

Megan Nicole’s vocal coach other famous students

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