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How to find a metal vocal coach in Florida

Metal vocal coach in Florida. A professional singing teacher is right in your neighborhood.

Is there any metal vocal coach in Florida? Sure thing. If you live in south Florida, you are a especially lucky. Do you struggle with singing metal? Well you’re in luck.Why? Because the leading, hailed as the best, vocal coach is in your area. He can teach you how to safely “scream” without harming your voice. Meet Ron Anderson, a man called a singing teacher to the stars. He is the coach behind the most famous pop, rock, and metal stars. Among them, you can find Matt Heafy, Axl Rose, Brandon Boyd, Joe Bonamassa, or Myles Kennedy (click here to read more about Ron Anderson’s famous clients). After several classes with Ron, all of them admitted that the voixtek technique utterly changed their singing approach. Many of them almost lost their voices due to bad technique, performing habits and overstraining their vocal cords. Thanks to Ron’s professional care and training, they went back on stage shortly after learning the technique and were able to do so more powerfully, and with new approach to singing and amazing experience.

Who is Ron Anderson? Why is he a good vocal coach who learns how to sing metal?

And how does Ron Anderson know how to scream? It is easy. Ron is a former classical singer. He has performed for many years on many stages, literally for hours long. Without a doubt, he knows the century-old techniques of performing the few acts shows. Hence, Ron knows everything about all types of singing. Be it metal vocals, screaming, growling, squeaking, and every other vocal technique. By the way, the differences between all kinds of singing in rock, metal, or pop music are just about shaping mouth and vocal cords. However, the ‘singing engine’ remains the same. Being aware of this, Ron teaches the basics first. And helps to avoid detrimental singing habits at the early stage. That is the most important thing. The timbre is to be mastered later. At first, Ron always teaches a holistic approach to the art of singing. And also how to properly engage your entire body to sing. Not only vocal cords but also muscles and the whole vocal box.

Learn to sing metal online with an experienced tutor and modern software

Even if you aren’t in Florida, there are many other ways to learn for metalheads. Customarily, Ron successfully gives the classes online. His adepts connect him via the Internet all over the world with satisfying results. Among them are even the top-shelf stars being on tour and looking for help! Ron is always there and treats each client equally but individually. No matter if he works with Simon Neil, Chris Daughtry, Axl Rose, or you! The second thing is the Voixtek singing app that Ron has created. It is a perfect set of daily routine exercises both for beginners and experienced singers. This software helps to practice with our body resonators and all singing chambers to make our vocals much better. Besides, it makes you the whole with your voice. Thus, more powerful, self-confident, and straightforwardly better on stage. Now, you can reach the level of the best metal singers in the world. Just try Voixtek and learn Ron Anderson’s techniques.

Check the recording of a masterclass which was recorded by Ron Anderson and Matt Heafy (Trivium) to see how Ron can work with you to improve your screaming and teach you to sing metal.

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Do you know that the Voixtek app is used by professionals such as:

  • Matt Heafy
  • Memocrasher
  • Myles Kennedy
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