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Must singing be difficult?

Why does singing must not be difficult?

Many beginners and advanced singers ask the same question: must singing be difficult. Among them, there are often top-shelf stars. They wholly think it has to be that way. After all, art requires sacrifice. And this sacrifice is frequently the vocal cords. Naturally, it is one of the least relevant offerings among rock and pop stars. In thousands of years of singing history, has not a man discovered techniques that would allow him to clear and powerful singing on the one hand and stay safe on the other? Of course, he did! Singing is one of the oldest artistic activities of humanity. And at the same time, the oldest type of musical performance. Over the centuries, humans have developed many techniques that allow you to sing safely and simultaneously emotionally. Medieval bards, Ancient Greek performers, or Italian opera singers had to learn how to sing correctly. It was a craft like any other. And sometimes secret knowledge. Entertainment music brought singing to a word expression.

Use the force? Not this time! How to make singing not be difficult.

Singing is primarily an evoker of our emotions. And there are plenty of those in the process. The latest research shows that our body produces a lot of endorphins when we sing. And this, in turn, makes us more confident and more emotional when we do it. We just let the music and the moment carry us away. Unfortunately, it can also lead to bad habits of overloading our vocal box. Many singers do not even realize that they are singing badly and hurting themselves. However, the force in singing is never a good option. The more important thing is to treat our body as a whole musical instrument. The sound is not produced only in your throat. It is a result of the entire bodywork. Only when everything correctly works together, consistent airflow, mixed tonality, and forward placement will do the effect. And without the struggle and effort. Singing is not a power singing is cooperation.

Ron Anderson as a keeper of the best singing techniques insists singing must be easy

It is a good thing to meet a professional on your path to powerful singing the high notes. Ron Anderson is undoubtedly the best vocal coach in this business. Indeed, a former-classical-singer, a renowned vocal teacher to the stars, and, first of all, the man of culture. Ron has been coaching both mega-stars and professional singers for nearly fifty years. Through this time, he has been using centuries-old opera techniques and improving them at the same time.

His methods are the best proof that singing can be surprisingly easy and satisfying. All you need is practice and the proper habits accompanying your singing craft. Ron can extract the best even from people with relatively average voice ranges. Among his delighted clients, you can find Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia, Nelly Furtado, or Selena Gomez.

“Do not think too intense while singing. Just share your passion and spread love. Let us make music together! I cannot wait to see what is yet to come from all of you.”

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The best Voice coach Ron Anderson
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