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In the enclosed video clip you can listen to Myles Kennedy himself, talking about his vocal coach Ron Anderson. Check the transcription below:

Who is Myles Kennedy’s vocal coach?

Myles Kennedy here. I am very very fortunate I consider myself very fortunate to have studied with Ron Anderson. The first time I studied with him was back in 1997 and it was like he gave me the keys to the castle. Not only did it unlock the potential of my voice and my range, but it also helped me, what I really sincerely believe, extended my career.

“The guy who sings in the Slash’s band”. Oh, wait … there is much more!

Myles Kennedy (born November 27, 1969) is an American singer, instrumentalist, and songwriter. Although he had been working in the music business for a long time with his main band Alter Bridge, he has become most recognizable since 2009, when he started working with Slash. Myles sang on the guitarist’s solo albums while co-creating some of the material and lyrics. However, the collaboration with the G’N’R guitarist was the crowning achievement of his previous long career. Back in college, Myles chose music theory as his subject of study. He began his musical career shortly afterward as a guitarist in the jazz line-up Cosmic Dust (1990). His next group was the Citizen Swing formation. Kennedy played guitar and sang there. It was a fully professional group playing mainly funk and soul. The musician worked with it during the first half of the 90s. He was also the author of most of the lyrics. Unfortunately, after the release of two albums, the line-up disbanded.

Alter Bridge between artistic success and mainstream fame

Myles began the second half of the 1990s with the band The Mayfield Four formed along with his childhood mates. The line-up was quite successful thanks to a contract with Epic Records and the following debut album “Fallout” (1998). The group went on a second tour, after which they released their second album “Second Skin” (2001). However, despite the recognition of critics and audience, the musicians did not achieve commercial success. This was the cause of the band’s disintegration the following year. Meanwhile, Myles himself aroused so much interest that he was invited to the casting by a group of former musicians Guns n’ Roses – The Velvet Revolver. However, he did not decide to work with the group then. In 2003, together with former musicians of the Creed group, he formed the Alter Bridge line-up, with which he is associated to this day and in which he is a vocalist and guitarist. By 2010, the band recorded three well-received albums.

Myles Kennedy vocal coach is Ron Anderson
Myles Kennedy with his vocal coach Ron Anderson

Solo career and cooperation with Slash

In 2008, the world rumored that Kennedy would become a singer in the allegedly reactivated Led Zeppelin. Ultimately, however, nothing came of it. A year later, the singer started working on a solo album to which he invited Slash. It was the beginning of a long collaboration between the two musicians, which has so far resulted in three albums where Kennedy is the lead singer. Due to the intensity of work with the guitarist Guns and Roses, the artist released his first solo album “Year Of The Tiger” in 2018. Myles has an original voice that is a combination of soul and rock sound. As he admits, the singer should sing as if his life depended on it. He always emphasizes that emotions are the most important in singing. However, you can improve your technique, which Kennedy himself did by taking singing lessons from a vocal teacher to the stars – Ron Anderson.

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