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Below video clip will give you the answer to the question who is Natalie Imbruglia’s vocal coach. It presents Ms. Imbruglia herself talking about her cooperation with vocal coach Ron Anderson. Check the transcription below:

Who is Natalie Imbruglia’s vocal coach?

Q: What we wanted to point out is that you actually turned up at the MTV Movie Awards with Ron Anderson. A guru who’s worked apparently, everybody. How did you hear about him and how did you wind up getting together with him?

N: That’s an interesting story. I just got my deal and was in LA hoping to get stuck into songwriting and see if I was any good at it or not. I kept waking up and losing my voice, and I was like: what is going on right here? The reason was I had gotten really lazy with warming up my voice and technique. And over the years because once I got into acting I dropped all my singing lessons.

In desperation, I was talking to friend Rick Palombi who I’ve been riding with, and I was like I don’t know what to do. And he said: „Well, there’s this guy that I use to go to”. And he told me about Ron. So I put the call in, meanwhile, I go to the doctor and find out I have nodules on my vocal cords. So it’s this whole drama where they told me I was gonna have the operation. I was really stressed out and he calmed me down and he said: „Come to see me”. I saw him every day for a month and he got rid of them. So, when you’ve been through something like that I guess… I swear by Ron Anderson. He is pretty incredible.

What did Natalie Imbruglia learn from vocal coach Ron Anderson

N: I have to warm my voice up. I’ve done it and I’ve not done it. Unfortunately, some people are more susceptible to, you know, modules or problems with their voice than others. I have put it in the work. So my band goes out to play and I go to bed. And I get up early and I warm my voice up. So, it’s a good discipline but his technique works, you know. I think if you find something that works for you, you stick to it.

Q: Do you feel stronger now vocally? What was your impression of the voice before meeting with him and then what is your impression now?

N: Well, I didn’t have much of the voice. It was very very hoarse and hardly there at all. Yeah, it was like discovering a whole new voice. I went back to London and I hooked up with Phil Thornalley again to do some writing. And he was like blown away by the difference. So, yeah, I mean… I personally noticed the result.

Who is Natalie Imbruglia? From in front of the camera to the top of the charts around the world

Natalie Imbruglia (born February 4, 1975) remains one of the most popular Australian singers, songwriters, and actresses. Her career is one of the rare cases where a TV star becomes a successful singer and not vice versa. Natalie began her career on television. As a child, she wanted to become a dancer rather than a singer. When she was 15, she and her family moved to Sydney. There she started taking step dance and ballet lessons.

Her first small success was starring in television commercials. She felt so well in front of the camera that at the age of 16 she decided to quit school for acting. The decision turned out to be profitable because she was soon offered a role in the Australian soap opera “Neighbors.” However, after two years of starring, she decided to leave the show. She moved to London in 1994, wanting to devote herself to writing songs and musical career.

Torn between acting, songwriting and singing

Though Natalie wanted to compose songs, in London she met music manager Anne Barret who convinced her to record a demo tape. The effect was so satisfactory that the artist signed with BMG, which was impressed by her version of the song “Torn” by the American group Ednaswap. Surprisingly, the tune, which in its time did not become popular, although it was covered several times, performed by Natalie became a megahit in 1997. It stayed at the top of the charts for weeks and boosted the upcoming album.

Although the record has yet to be released, one million singles have been sold in the UK alone. All over the world, the song broke new records of airplay. The album released the same year, also did great. It went platinum only three weeks after appear and sold 7 million copies worldwide. Another single “Big Mistake” was less successful but also kept a wide interest in the artist. Just like the next one – “Smoke.”

”Shiver” and a return to the peak of popularity

The success of “Torn” and Natalie’s debut album went down in history as one of the most extraordinary debuts ever. The artist, now also a singer, received many awards, including the most important ones – Brit Awards and MTV Awards. Her second album “White Lilies Island” was released in 2001 and stylistically differed from the pop debut. The artist herself wanted to break with sugar image. Although the second album sold over a million copies, it did not repeat the debut’s success.

The third album “Counting Down The Days” (2005) is a complete rock incarnation of the singer. It was not understood by the BMG label which did not want to release it. Despite it, the first single “Shiver” has been Natalie’s biggest success since “Torn.” It was the most played song in 2005 in the UK. However, subsequent singles did not bring more success. In the following years, Natalie recorded regular and well-received albums between hiatus. The next record has been announced in 2021.

Natalie Imbruglia’s vocal coach other famous students

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