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The basic principle of singing heavy metal (and any other kind of music)

Singing heavy metal and any other kind of music. The basic principle

Frequently, the young vocalists ask how to learn metal screaming. Some of them want to start with this type of vocals. Some want to switch from a different kind of vocal expression. All their questions circle around screaming and harsh voice. And that specific, strong vocals associated with an extreme music sort. However, it is a wrong approach. Decidedly, we distinguish between many types of voices and sounds. However, all techniques and foundations are the same. All human being possesses a biological instrument. And if it wants to sing, it has to learn how to use it and master it. The technique is your key. The same method that opera singers use is the same basics in an approach that many rockers and metal singers lack. That sound you create all depends on where the resonance is being done. Master the technique, and you will master your voice!

Principles of singing heavy metal with voice coach Ron Anderson and Dr Pipe Perez of Voixtek
Voice coach Ron Anderson and Dr Pipe Perez of Voixtek recorded a masterclass with Matt Heafy (Trivium). You can watch the recording on our YouTube channel:

Sing in the style and kind of music you want

That is right! Check if you have the right tools and know exactly where to find support for your voice and the notes you are singing. Not only will you feel better while doing it. Simultaneously, you will gain the flexibility to the vocal box you never thought you would have. It is like yoga for the voice. Nobody can touch his toes on day one. However, if he remains consistent, he will reach your toes and even go past them. It is the same with all music genres and vocal types. It is a rocky (yes!) road, but if you find somebody to accompany, your journey can be more comfortable. And more focused on what is relevant. Undoubtedly, this is a point where a professional vocal coach should step in. Why? Because having the right singing teacher is having someone who has had an experience of training voices. Moreover, someone who is a singer himself.

Do the basics correctly with a metal vocal coach. Do not make common mistakes at the start

To summarize, no matter the music genre you would like to perform, you have to acquaint yourself with the basics. Of course, if you think about singing professionally. All above this is just some kind of overlay. When you master the ‘ignition and an engine of the singing,’ the timbre of your voice will be your personal choice. Do you want to sing metal? No problem! Rock? Sure thing! And maybe you want to be a classical singer? It is a bit harder, but also in range. In a majority of cases, a human vocal box can be trained. However, if you want to start from the right track and stay on it, you will need support. Probably, from the vocal teacher. He will give you the correct instruction. Furthermore, he will make you feel empowered and filled with confidence. Undoubtedly, a skilled tutor is somebody who worked out the methods of clear and effortless vocals in any music genre.

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