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Richie Sambora’s vocal coach

Ron Anderson is one of the best vocal coaches in the industry. He worked also as Richie Sambora’s vocal coach. Watch the below video and its transcription for more details.

Who is Richie Sambora’s vocal coach?

Well, I started to take the voice lessons with Ron Anderson at the tender young age of 53. I have been singing professionally now… I guess since I was 16 years old and obviously, when I was younger I could do anything, consume anything and not have to look, not even sleep sometimes and I have… my voice was just actually pretty good, not singing completely wrong. And then, you know, throughout, you know, the years of my career, playing stadiums and singing over the amplification and stuff like that I was really singing wrong trying to overpower all that stuff.

So I’m… it brought me a tremendous amount of anxiety. Now, over the past few months starting with Ron Anderson, it’s actually bringing the fun back to music again. Making it much more effortless to sing as well. It’s just made it so much more fun for me actually do my craft and I feel like a kid again so that’s an unbelievable gift.

Q: Richie, have you had any other vocal training before and how can you compare it?

The stuff that I was doing before actually got me through the gigs. It would warm my throat up enough to get to a place where I could do it. But this is a more comprehensive way of studying where it takes you from the warm-up. And when you’re in the gig… its matrix into your system, into your muscular system. You don’t actually have to think it.

So it was, it is actually relearning the way your muscles operate and how your brain and muscles operate the function to sing correctly. And I was very lucky because I’ve taken to it quite quickly. And I’m just loving it.

Q: What do you think of Ron Anderson?

First of all, I can say that you know, I fell in love with Ron as a human being as soon as I walked into the room. Obviously, he comes highly recommended. So I mean… but as a teacher, he has given me the confidence and the knowledge, and also has made it quite fun for me. Even in the teaching process to get where I needed to be. And I don’t plan on quitting so Ron better stay around for a long time.

Richie Sambora with his voice coach, Ron Anderson
Richie Sambora with his vocal coach Ron Anderson

Multi-instrumentalist, guitarist, vocalist, simply a multi-gifted man

Although Richie Sambora (Born July 11, 1959.) is usually associated with the Bon Jovi band, he also recognized his musical talents in many other formations. His love for the guitar manifested itself in him at the age of 12. Three years later he was already playing with his first formation. Later, with the group “Message” as a guitarist, he recorded his first self-released album. The first professional band Richie performed with was “The Mercy”.

This group, like the later jazz-funky “Duke Williams & The Extremes”, already recorded for major labels like Swan Song Records and Capricorn. Richie was constantly looking for his way, among the others through improvised performances with his group “Richie Sambora & Friends”. Reaching to the top, the guitarist opened Joe Cocker’s gigs in the early 1980s and tried unsuccessfully to join Kiss to replace Ace Freshley. At 19, he became the owner of the independent record label Dream Disc Records and the club in New Jersey.

Bon Jovi, worldwide success and musical icon of the ‘80s

The turning point in Ritchie’s career came in 1983 when he joined Jon Bon Jovi’s band after many perturbations. Although the style of the group was slightly different from the guitarist’s blues-rock roots, he admitted that he saw magic in it. The group’s debut album was released the following year and, like the next one, it did not arouse excessive enthusiasm of the audience or critics.

It was only the third album, “Slippery When Wet”, released in 1986 that made the band a megastar. The mega-hit singles “You Give Love A Bad Name” and “Living On A Prayer” had a lot of credit. The band went on a multi-month tour and joined the cream of the most iconic bands of the 1980s. The streak continued throughout the 1990s and also at the beginning of the new millennium. Although the Bon Jovi star did not fade away, in 2013 Richie decided to depart to spend more time with his family.

A remarkable musician is not planning to quit

After leaving Bon Jovi after the grueling “Because We Can Tour” Richie focused on his solo career. It was nothing new. He has been recording solo albums since 1991. They were “Stranger In This Town” (1991), “Undiscovered Soul” (1998), and “Aftermath Of The Lowdown” (2012). He also composed songs for movies. He willingly cooperates with artists of the young generation (such as the guitarist Orianthi or Shannon Noll) and sings.

Known mainly as a guitarist, he can play many more instruments like a bass guitar, accordion (his first instrument), saxophone, piano, flute, and drums. Today Richie is a person who doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. He possesses his music label which promotes young talents, plays on albums by other artists and composes and also conducts charity work and gives concerts all the time. Maestro is not going to retire. Thanks to the lessons with vocal coach Ron Anderson, he can sing even better than before.

Richie Sambora’s vocal coach other famous students

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