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Singing and screaming during the singing. How to start and why is it dangerous?

Singing and screaming during the singing. How to start and why is it dangerous?

Is a screaming still singing? That is the question. Virtually everybody has heard a vocalist directly shouting. Although the genre ordinarily correlated with the scream is metal, we can find it in almost every musical type. It may be hard rock, blues, hardcore, or punk rock. Yelling is a very emotional kind of expression, and there are millions of souls in the world who appreciate it. Of course, this subject is also multi-directional. There exists not only one type of vocal scream, even solely in metal music. Among others, we can mention a harsh voice, creaky one, death growl, pharyngealization, or epiglottal trill. What unites them all? Their inappropriate performance is extremely dangerous for the vocal cords. Regularly, they can lead to serious injuries. Including the worst ones, the nodules of the vocal cords, as well. Everyone who seriously considers being that type of vocalist decidedly should take the proper precautions. Otherwise, it may go unimaginably wrong.

The screaming your lungs out for art. A very demanding type of vocal expression

Axl Rose's vocal coach Ron Anderson teaches about Singing and screaming during the singing
Axl Rose’s vocal coach Ron Anderson teaches about singing and screaming during the singing

A scream as a part of the song performance may be amazing. It usually emphasizes the important lyrics’ verse or phrase. Sometimes, they say this type of the vocal expression must be painful because it directly expresses the pain. Interesting but not necessary. There had been decades since the yelling appeared as a way of vocal art. And even before, we had classical singers whose vocals closely resemble contemporary screams. That makes the long centuries of developing the proper screaming techniques. The methods available today for everyone who would like to include yelling to his vocal capabilities selection. Those are almost ancient and mysterious knowledge, passed down from generation to generation. So, is it, in fact, possible to yell without any consequences? No, but utilizing some habits, vocal box mechanics, and practice procedures, we can start to sing powerfully, loud, emotional, and, first of all, safe. After all, all those metal singers are still active. Or are they not?

What do you need to start screaming? Except for the lungs of steel?

Most of all, you need proper motivation. If you want to scream like Matt Heafy and, for example, Corey Taylor, Serj Tankian, or Oliver Sykes, there are a few things for the start. First, make yourself sure about it. Sometimes, the vocalists try to yell because it is trendy. Going this way is irresponsible. Undoubtedly, this should be a worked-out decision. Second, you have to know which parts of your body do work while you scream. Moreover, you have to observe and determine the degree of engagement of the individual elements. Third, give yourself time. This type of vocal expression is hard, hard exactly as they say. Observe and notice the kind of pain occurring. After a period, you could tell a typical and dangerous one. Finally, check or even take a specialized medical picture of your vocal folds. As we mentioned before, screaming can be harmful. Progressive observation of the folds may save you from serious issues.

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