How to sing high notes

How to learn to sing high notes better for free?

How to learn to sing high notes better for free? Is it even possible?

Let’s talk straightforwardly, to hit the high notes clear and confident is one of the hardest parts of being a vocalist at all. Even when our voice range is pretty wide and high, reaching the sounds on the top of it is always a challenge. After all, a smooth jumping between the highest sounds in our repertoire and sustaining them for a desirable time is the mastery class for everyone who wants to sing. In the age of the Internet, practically every piece of information can be found online. How does it look in the case of online vocal lessons or a professional vocal coach? Well, the selection of both is pretty broad. Indeed, it seems that nowadays, everyone directly can learn the art of singing just by being online. Is it so? Is it possible to learn such advanced techniques as precise singing the highest notes online? And how does it work with the free classes?

Voice coach Ron Anderson teaches how to learn to sing high notes better for free on his YouTube channel
Voice coach Ron Anderson teaches how to learn to sing high notes better for free on his YouTube channel

The pros and cons of free internet materials. Are they serviceable?

These days, we can find a virtually endless stream of online advice for beginners and professional singers. What is good because everyone can consider if those tips are practical and worthy. Many even competent artists support this kind of learning. However, it contains its limitations. And learning the advanced techniques remains one of them. The nice parts of online private singing lessons decidedly are low costs and the wide selection. Also is the possibility to fit classes into your schedule and utilize them when we want or need them. But there are disadvantages as well. The first and most distressing is the inability to sing together what is a crucial matter when singing the high notes. Secondly, our teacher can not correct our posture while performing. And, as you surely know so far, that is an absolute foundation of reaching the highest tones at all. Furthermore, free tips usually repeat the well-known facts.

Free singing classes or hiring a professional vocal teacher?

Finally, what is the conclusion? Well, we have to admit that it is hard to expand a wide range of possibilities without a teacher or the vocal coach. Learning to sing is a process that has to be supervised and managed. A teacher has the perfect ear and, commonly, decades of experience. He can easily spot even tiny mistakes and bad habits that will make a difference in the future. Of course, we can successfully utilize free online courses or classes. However, the professional level of performance will always be unavailable for us. Frequently, even the pop and rock stars with decades-long presence in the business are surprised with the capabilities that the classes with a professional vocal coach can give them. A good example is the number of top-charts stars working with a professional vocal coach to the stars, Ron Anderson. To summarise, learning such techniques as singing high notes for free should be rather an entry-level practice.

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