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How to scream like Matt Heafy. Voice Master Class

Watch the masterclass!! With the vocal coach Ron Anderson in which Matt Heafy (Trivium) gives a review of the Voixtek Method.

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How to scream like Matt Heafy (Trivium)?

Singing like Matt Heafy and many other rock style singers is something we get many requests of. It’s quite common that a singer would like to “scream” and have complete control. We won’t make light of this technique. Mastering the complete control of your instrument is essential.

When you hear Matt Heafy sing where it sounds like a scream, it’s actually placed right in the nasal frontal part of the mask.

All textures of the voice are controlled by where they resonate from and NEVER from the thrashing of the vocal folds. Avoid damage you may never come back from by learning the true lot proven technique that Matt Heafy, Myles Kennedy, Axl Rose, Tom Keifer use still today! Sing for life!

How to scream like Matt Heafy? A story behind his learning the extreme metal vocals

Anyone who is at least a bit familiar with modern metal music must know Matt Heafy. Matt is the leader of the metal band Trivium. Besides, he is also active in the Mindscar and Capharnaum groups. Among metalheads, he is considered one of the best screamers. Even today, when he says how he learned to scream, he doesn’t hide his inspirations. He became fascinated by many styles of metal screams. These could be Dani Filth’s (Cradle of Filth) squeak or George Fisher’s (Cannibal Corpse) growl. And many more. Soon he felt he is a better screamer than a singer. And he went in this direction. However, this road was rocky and dangerous. Matt admits that he worked the basis of his early singing technique when he was thirteen years old. Unfortunately, in the year two thousand fourteen, he blew his voice out using it. With Ron Anderson, he had to unlearn almost fifteen years of his singing experience!

Matt Heafy and Ron Anderson: Learning to sing from scratch with a professional singing vocal coach

So, vocal coach Ron Anderson completely changed Matt’s Heafy approach to singing at all. The first and most important thing has become the daily singing routine. So far, Matt hasn’t been practicing daily. He did some five to seven minutes of training before studio recordings or the concerts. Since that, Matt has had to find a few hours daily doing the exercises using the Voixtek singing app. As Matt Heafy himself admits, he needs a strict program of training and routine. The second ‘must have’ have become the warm-ups. Before classes with vocal coach Ron Anderson, they were just a few minutes of singing. Now, they take an extended period, and they are more intensive. Due to Ron’s classical techniques and exercises, Matt Heafy has become more aware of his capabilities and re-worked his vocals. There was plenty to do. But thanks to these efforts, metalhead achieved a new level of artistry. He also ceased to be dangerous to his vocal cords and vocal box.

Singing or screaming (why not both?) in any music genre

However, the most relevant thing voice coach Ron Anderson taught Matt Heafy was how to scream and sing powerfully but safely. Matt always emphasizes that Ron straightforwardly saved his life. How did Ron do this? Well, these are his magic and unique methods. First of all, he is a former classical singer. Throughout decades of experience on stage, Ron has mastered the centuries-old techniques of effortless sustaining the voice. That gave him the possibility to perform for hours without tiring and overusing his voice. Besides, Anderson has developed those methods and included them in the training schedule. This program treats your whole body as an instrument. Thanks to this holistic approach to vocals, Ron always brings out the best from every singer. An hour of the warm-up is just a beginning. Now, Matt Heafy can sing in two ways. In the studio, he performs as he wishes. However, on tour, he uses his ‘save voice.’ Thanks to Ron, both do not vary at all.

Voixtek masterclass video with Ron Anderson and Matt Heafy on YouTube gains a lot of attention from viewers. You also ask Ron Anderson some additional questions about how to improve your singing. Below you’ll find some of them copied. You can also follow the discussion directly on YouTube.

How to sing without using all the power in my throat and chest?

Well, this is what most singers do, until they are exhausted after just three songs or can no longer sing at all. Loss of the quality and quantity of the interactions in the vocal cords can occur when you push and start projecting your sound with effort. In the long run, when it becomes a frequent habit, it permanently damages the quality of the abduction and adduction of the cords. But there is a way to avoid this scenario. You equitable have to train singing with a whole body. You have to activate all body areas that support your chanting. When you make it a daily routine and practice, it will allow your throat and cords to avoid or collide with heavy vocal impact. The voice box constriction will disappear. Then you can use the air that comes from the lungs in a better way. That, as a result, will allow you to make your notes longer and more powerful.

Is nasality a key to the protection of the vocal cords?

No. A nasality is even inadvisable for the sound if you do not use it correctly. The constant practice of engaging all necessary muscles supporting singing and the fair approach is a far better solution. They will provide you with a muscular aperture. Indeed, a suitable opening for alternative airflow routing to replenish resonance through the sinus cavity. This whole process is crucial to alleviate the efforts that most vocalists can not take under control. Usually, unfortunately, the vast majority of singers do not even utilize these chambers to the full extent. Undoubtedly, because they do not know this technique, or they are not used to it. The result is a lack of consistency in the emission of sound and a constriction of the throat mechanics. Nasality will make the voice sound awful. But you can effortlessly compensate for this by expanding your pharynx musculature. And this, in consequence, will free the spaces where your voice finds comfort and power.

The falsetto in the full-voice training

Falsetto is an intriguing extension of voice capabilities, but unfortunately, it has its limitations. Principally, when you want to sing the whole song just in this style. In consequence, this way of singing makes you tug your chest hard. You thereby make the larynx go high. To create a real falsetto singing voice that is powerful and safe for the vocal cords, we have to understand and apply the dynamics this technique provides. Improperly using this singing style can damage your vocal box. In real falsetto, the cords’ edges have to come together really light. And without much contact or jamming them together as well. One should not be singing this way, considering the vocal cords as the chief place of its production. What is crucial in this matter is not focusing all the sound in the throat area. It restricts the air flowing through the strings and makes the singer raising his chin higher, closing needed body chambers.

What is Voixtek?

Voixtek is a training system in the form of a web application, which means it is easily accessible from your phone or computer. It is a cost-effective replacement for singing coaches as it solves the biggest hurdle of learning by yourself: the teacher’s lack of control. It is suitable for both professional and aspiring singers. Instead of losing precious time commuting or booking lessons, Voixtek adapts to your schedule by offering training whenever and wherever you want.

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