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How to sing metal? Learn with a vocal coach Ron Anderson

Learn to sing metal with a vocal coach. Scream, squeak and growl in the way you want

We rarely hear about the vocal teachers who learn how to scream, growl, or straightforwardly sing metal. Do we? And why? Mainly because the majority of vocalists of the extreme types of music are self-taught singers. And for a long time, it is enough for them. Besides, the heavy music genres are not that demanding for the singer, in the question of the purity of sounds, like classical music. However, singing metal and screaming do exhaust the vocal cords very much. A lot of artists find out about it only on tour when they have to sing day by day and evening by evening. Sometimes, they utterly lose their voices and the ability to perform at all. Only then, customarily, they try to find a vocal coach who teaches how to sing metal. Surprisingly, they usually receive advice to go to a professional vocal coach. However, he is not a metalhead at all. Why is it so?

A singing teacher who learns metal vocals. Who is he, and how does he work?

Let’s get it straight. Metal is not a genre on which the vocal coaches focus primarily. But it is not an issue. Why? Because singing metal is still… singing! So, a versatile tutor will make you a skilled metalhead screamer even when he has never sung any piece of extreme music. How? In a simple way. A majority of the vocal tutors are educated, former or active singers. Usually classical. During their years-long stage experience, they had to master the techniques of singing long, powerfully, clearly. And without any harm to their vocal box. Does it sound familiar? Of course, it does. This is what is the metal singing about, though. You create the timbre and a heavy sound at the end of your singing mechanism, precisely in your mouth and vocal cords. However, the power and the depth of your scream come from your entire body. And a vocal coach is a guy who will help with that.

Meet a classical singer who teaches metalheads how to scream

As we previously said, there are not too many professional singing tutors for this kind of vocal expression. One of the few is exactly Ron Anderson. Who is Ron? He is a former opera singer who knows everything about performing. He is familiar even with the ancient techniques of powerful yet effortless voice utilization. Every day, Ron works with the greatest stars of the music market. He gives the masterclasses to rock stars, metalheads, but also pop artists. Among his clients are Matt Heafy from Trivium, Brandon Boyd from Incubus, and Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses. He is a versatile teacher who works with musicians of all genres. And they all are satisfied. Ron works locally or online but always successfully. Thanks to his unique techniques and an indigenous approach, many artists simply avoided losing their voices. And what is the most important, literally everyone can become his student.

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