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Vocal tip: How does sleeping affect singing

In this article you will read about:

  • Making the sleep an ally in an effort of better singing
  • Healthy sleep even during a long and exhausting tour
  • How Voixtek application can help You in this matter?

Making the sleep an ally in an effort of better singing with Ron Anderson and Voixtek

How sleeping affect singing

Each of us knows how important sleep and rest are in life. The benefits of healthy sleep are indisputable. However, not every singer realizes how important sleeping is for the quality of his voice. Experienced vocals coach Ron Anderson always pays attention to this issue during his private singing lessons. Deeply regenerating sleep helps with ailments such as lack of condition, heart problems, and nervousness. Too little of it is usually means hoarseness of voice, permanent exhaustion, and late reactions.

You probably know this story through an experience. It will surely translate into lower quality of Your performances. On the other side, properly, undisturbed and, most important, systematic rest will help You to avoid a lot of issues during Your music career. This is a topic not worth underestimating.

At the same time, it is an issue that will just help any singer to significantly improve vocals.

Sleep well to sing better
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Healthy sleep even during a long and exhausting tour

Being and living on the road is an integral part of the career of any professional musician. Concert series can be very long. This lifestyle is definitely not conducive to getting enough sleep. Emotionally engaging and tiring performances, meetings with fans, afterparties cause that a large number of singers and musicians suffer from a permanent lack of sleep. And the consequences of this state of affairs do not need to be explained to anyone.

Problems with hitting the high note appear first. Then go problems with concentration, coordination, and the usage of sleep medications. So how do you deal with these problems during the tour? The answer is vocals training application Voixtek. You can also use it while traveling. Thanks to it, every vocalist will be singing like a pro. It is an innovative, multi-level approach to perfecting your singing. It will be useful for both professionals and those who simply want to improve their skills.

I do many tours, many many rock tours and out for months of times and people party and they have such a good time and they are so wired they can’t sleep after the show for hours and hours later. The biggest problem, especially on a tour, is not getting enough rest. The only thing that truly rejuvenates the voice is sleeping. Now we can get them through concerts and we can do a lot of really good things to help to get everything in a good place but to really maintain your voice top-notch is – you sleep. And you sleep a minimum 8 to 10 hours.“, says Ron Anderson.

How Voixtek web app can help You in this matter?

With our solution, You can set a schedule of Your training, also with parts for the proper rest.

Every artist should remember that caring for good quality sleep is an integral part of vocal training.

No more:

  • suffering from hoarseness of voice.
  • failing to hit the high notes.
  • pain in the throat while singing.

Our singing app and the professional support of experienced vocals teacher will let You achieve every sound clear, increase your vocal range, and… just will let You sing like a star!

Train Your voice with our method. Use 50 years of experience. Through those Ron Anderson has been working with many famous singers from the covers of the magazines. We created Voixtek as a solution to many vocal problems. It is a cost-effective and interactive singing coach for professional and aspiring singers. Instead of losing time for suspicious and expensive methods, You can just trust our experience.

Interested in more video singing tips? Check out Ron Anderson’s YouTube channel, click here.

FAQ about the role of sleep in singing

Can you really improve your singing voice?

This is a question asked so often. It is a definite YES! Everyone can improve, not just their singing voice, but their speaking voice, when proper technique is used and mastered. Does it happen overnight? No, but you will feel the difference once you start training.
It will take consistency! Consistency is not a word we use often, but it is the core belief of all successful people. Without consistency, nothing great can be achieved. If you train daily and educate yourself about the mechanics of singing, you will surely feel the improvement.
Now keep in mind, that if you are consistent and using the wrong technique, you will still cause injury to your instrument. Using a proven method, which has been implemented by many great artists, will ensure a long and healthy career in singing and even in public speaking. Join the fun, and set yourself free by singing well!

How much sleep do singers need?

When we train to be singers, we are not any different than a professional athlete. Whether singing for an hour, or 4 hours, you must ready your body as if you were going to run a marathon. Sleep is essential to ALL well being, but when it comes to singing, it can mean the difference between being prepared and soaring or crashing on stage or in the studio. We always recommend 8-10 hours of sleep in order to allow your voice to rest. Unlike any other part of our body, the voice only rests when you are silent and asleep.
Building a routine that will encourage great sleeping habits is something you must prioritize as a singer. You must make sure you eat at least 2 hours before sleeping, in order to avoid acid reflux and a serene sleep experience.
Using a humidifier and air purifier during sleep truly aid your body when sleeping. Without the proper sleep habits, you can end up using your voice while tired, creating a chain reaction that can unduly harm your voice. A tired body, equals a tired mind, which pushes a tired voice. The education of the Voice, Body, and Mind, is the core principle to succeeding when using The Voixtek Method.
You can safely practice your technique with Ron’s proven Voixtek method. Join the hundreds of professional singers on Ron’s roster as you sleep well and sing well.

Why do I sing better lying down?

This question is something we saw many people asking. Lying down aligns the spine perfectly which can aid in relaxing and keeping everything aligned. The truth is that many people find singing lying down a lot harder than standing. You must have some strong and developed intercostal muscles, opening the rib cage, and supporting your breath, in order to sing with ease while lying down.
When the body is relaxed and supported correctly is the perfect condition to sing well. For those of you who find ease in singing lying down, feel your body, become aware of what is happening to it when you laid back and then create those same conditions when you’re standing. It’s not the lying down that makes it easier, it’s the proper posture and support of breath.

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