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Is it necessary to stand while singing?

Ron Anderson answers frequently asked question: is it necessary to stand while singing?

Many singers, both beginners, and advanced ones ask themselves whether it is necessary to stand while singing. Is something wrong happening when you sing in a sitting position? And when carried away by on-stage emotions, you just lay down and sing? Does it affect the quality of your singing? How do you think? Have you ever seen a musical, opera, or any on-stage performance? Especially when singing was only a part of the entire show? All those artists do play their roles singing while sitting, walking, and even dancing. That is really something! So – the answer to all questions above is simple and obvious.

You not only can sing in various positions, but You just have to do it when you think about a professional career.

It is not necessary to stand while singing! Good and first for all, the real artist has to be able to sing in every position. And also in every situation. The key to perfect performance while for example sitting, is to keep your rib cage open. Also important is just to feel comfortable.

Is it necessary to stand while singing, Ron Anderson tips
Ron Anderson explaining how to sing in any position. Scroll down for this tip in video format.

Can anyone sing and do You need a personal vocal teacher?

Of course! Anyone can sing for joy, happiness, and simply for pleasure. However, if You think about anything more than daily shower crooning, you will need some more natural skills. What is comforting, is the fact that even a weak voice can be improved through lessons and exercises. What you need is really little. Some dedication, and much more – practice. But you will be rewarded for this. Every little effort helps. You can start with the little things. Singing regularly is a good start. Then come the vocal techniques, proper breathing, and posture. But there is no better way to make your voice shining than hiring professional voice coach. Yes, I know what you think. My voice is good! It sounds just perfect! I do not need any voice teacher. What could he actually do for me at all? It is a common mistake made by beginners. Even very experienced and professional vocalists hire tutors. Ron Anderson’s Voixtek can be Yours.

Is it necessary to stand while singing, Ron Anderson tips
Ron Anderson explaining how to sing in any position. Below you can find this article in a form of a video.

How to significantly improve your singing skills in every position?

First of all, we have to admit – good singing is not easy. Even if it seems to be. To achieve a professional level of singing is really hard work. But it is not beyond Your range. Voixtek is a proper way for both beginners and for professional vocalists. Singing is not only about voice. It is also a result of body and mind cooperation. All those together in perfect harmony will let you become a vocalist you always wanted to be. We can and we will help You if You only wish.

With methodologies of renowned vocal coach Ron Anderson, Voixtek™ will train your body, mind, and of course, voice, to make your dreams come true. We train, and we also solve many vocals problems. By our online presence, we can adjust to your daily schedule. No wasting time and money on unproven solutions. Just individual experience. We train Your entire body to get out of You Your talent and master craft in singing. Click here to check how you can learn how to sing better with Voixtek app.

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What Ron Anderson says in the video above:

Hi, I’m Ron Anderson. A lot of times I get the question: gee, do I need to stand up to sing? Can I sit down to sing? What happens if I have to lay down and sing? Well, the question is very simple. But the answer is even more simple. You have to be able to sing in any position. There are gonna be directors, if you’re doing a musical comedy, or if you’re doing an opera especially. There are gonna be directors that they gonna set you lay on the bed with your head over the back of the bed, and have to sing with that. It’s a little difficult. Because it’s hard to keep the time because you are upside down. But it can be done, and it has to be done if that’s what they want. That’s what they’re paying you for. So you should be able to sing in any position. Just remember, the rib cage has to stay open, and you have to be comfortable when you’re doing it. But don’t be tense. Ok, have a good day.

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