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How to take care of voice for speaking?

Wondering how to take care of your voice for speaking?

Is taking care of your voice for speaking that important at all?

We usually associate problems with hygiene or special care for the voice in the case of, among others, singers and singers. However, the fact is that anyone who earns a living with his voice should decisively take care of it. These could be, for example, teachers, television presenters, speakers, or politicians. Undoubtedly, all of them exploit their voices more than the average person. Frequently, due to this, they have voice breakdowns, throat hoarseness, and, not so rarely, voice cords nodules. Using the voice, moreover, is very engaging and tiring for the body. Many muscles work when we speak, and they do a genuinely laborious job. Not to mention all the things our brain does at the same time. We also burn a lot of calories when we talk. Therefore, how to avoid such issues? How to take care of our voice so that it will serve us well for many years to come?

The first symptoms of something wrong happening with your speech organs

Do you feel hoarseness or raspy voice right after you have been speaking for a longer time? Or maybe your voice started to sound significantly deeper? Has talking became difficult, and you need to cough or hem and haw repeatedly? Well, these may be the signs of something serious. Although most of them may disappear after some time, you should categorically not ignore them. Among the less annoying ailments related to voice, we can mention upper respiratory infections, acid reflux, heartburn, or inflammations. However, more and more mattering problems also occur. Among them, we have to point out vocal cords nodules, vocal fold paralysis, and even cancer of the larynx. Thus, the threat is undoubtedly real. You don’t need to be a professional singer or vocalist to meet these issues. It will be enough to overuse or misuse your voice. And there it is. So, how to deal with these problems when your voice usage is your way of living?

The voice hygiene, training, practices, exercises, and maybe a vocal coach?

There are several categories of ways to prevent voice problems. The most common and less demanding are those associated with daily hydrating. It is categorically something crucial and mandatory for anyone who speaks or talks a lot each day. Stay hydrated and drink even eight glasses of water a day. Also relevant, however usually neglected thing, is a way of life. If you are stressed or tired, your vocal cords will hurt. If you smoke or drink too much alcohol, you can expect the same. Other categories are exercises and beneficial practices. These can be humming, yawning, or jaw loosening. Without a doubt, they will help you to provide good posture and breathing too. And those are necessary for healthy speaking. However, if you use your voice professionally, consider hiring a vocal coach. This guy is a person familiar with many techniques of saving a human vocal box during singing. He will be undoubtedly helpful also with speaking.

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