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The Webb Sisters’ vocal coach

Who is The Webb Sisters’ vocal coach? The Webb Sisters worked with vocal coach Ron Anderson to improve their singing. Watch the below testimonial for more information about that cooperation.

Who is The Webb Sisters’ vocal coach?

Hattie: We’re here today to talk a little bit about Ron Anderson, who has been our vocal coach and friend for many years. Growing up, I studied the harp. I found that with my lessons there was always a sense of progression throughout the lesson, but I struggled to find out within the singing lessons and tell we met Ron.

I really feel that Ron is able to give you a structured foundation of vocal technique. And to actually, not change your voice from who you are naturally, but give you the best voice that you possibly could have.

The Webb Sisters about vocal coach Ron Anderson

Charley: I’d had other singing lessons as well. And walking in the door with Ron, and friendly initial ‘hello’, and the enormous hug… to the exercises that we started of doing which are tailor-made to each individual. I just found that my voice exploded to a range that I never knew I had until I worked with Ron. And only, you know, only within a couple of lessons I am being able to have that Ron lesson recording to go home with.

The Webb Sisters’ vocal coach gave them longevity to their voices

I discovered that I not only had this strengthen, and power and range, that I hadn’t realized it was there before, but his lessons and the practice that I was able to do from the lessons, gave me the kind of grounding that… also gave me the longevity to be able to sing night after night without tiring my voice. And Ron has, in the end, totally changed my life. He is a total legend.

Hattie: Yeah, and I also feel that having that tape has really helped me to, because after… before each performance and sometimes after, you know, you’re warming up your voice, you’re warming it down, and so is, as Charley says, longevity to your voice. And also I feel if something catastrophic would happen and I’d lost my voice, Ron is a kind of a chap that you’d called him and he’d be there for you.

Charley: It totally did actually happened at one gig in LA. He came and he was there for over eight hours in the back doing exercises…

Who are the Webb Sisters? A pair of the most wanted back-up singers in the world

The Webb Sisters are an English musical duo formed by the sisters Charley and Hattie. The sisters are best known for their collaboration with Tom Petty and Leonard Cohen, who used to host them as back-up singers. The ladies were born in the English county of Kent. The musical traditions previously took place in Webbs’ home as their father was a drummer.

The sisters decided quite early that they would deal with music in their life. Hattie chose the harp as her instrument, and Charley learned to play the guitar, piano, clarinet, and mandolin. As teenagers, like most musicians, they often performed and gave recitals at parties and charity functions. Soon Johnny Pierce, a record producer, became interested in them. Johnny invited the sisters to Nashville. There, ladies recorded their first album, “A Piece Of Mind.” Hattie and Charley stayed in the US, playing concerts in California. Soon, they were noticed and signed a contract with Universal Records.

Supporting on the tour Leonard Cohen himself

A few famous American producers, like Jeff Trott, Mike Elizondo, and Steve Booker, took care of the duo. Together they started working on the sister’s next album, “Daylight Crossing.” Eventually, the album was produced and recorded in the UK for Universal Records (2006). The long-play was quite successful, becoming the “Record of the Week” and “Album of the Week” on BBC Radio2. The single “Torches” made the ladies recognizable. A lengthy period of collaboration between the duo and other artists began.

Among them were Jamie Cullum, Jason Mraz, James Morrison, and Kubb. Hattie and Charley quickly made a name for themselves as back-up singers and supporters. Even Sting and Natalie Maines wanted to collaborate with them. In 2008, they were chosen to accompany Leonard Cohen, who then went on his first tour in 15 years. In 2010, the duo released their third album “Savages.” The album turned out to be a success. Chiefly thanks to the single “Baroque Thoughts.”

Over six years of touring. The great, worldwide adventure of the Webb Sisters

With Leonard Cohen, the ladies gave 246 concerts all over the world. They worked so well that he kept inviting them on tour until 2014, as his route grew longer and longer. The sisters appear on most of the materials documenting this phenomenal artistic journey. In turn, in 2017, they were invited to cooperate with Tom Petty. Along with him, the sisters went on a tour documenting the 40th anniversary of his artistic activity.

At the same time, ladies did not neglect their music by releasing the EPs – “Always On My Mind” (2012) and “When Will You Come?” (2013). Instrumental and vocal support of so many outstanding artists on stage requires immense vocal conditions. And also a suitable teacher. Both Hattie and Charley do not hide that they use the help of a vocal coach to the stars, Ron Anderson. As they admit, Ron is not only their teacher but mostly, their friend.

The Webb Sisters’ vocal coach other famous students

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