How to sing high notes

What is the best time to practice singing high notes?

What is the best time to practice singing high notes?

As you without a doubt noticed, there are times of the day and night when we sing better or worse. Indeed, sometimes we sound lucidly brilliant, the other day just terrible, despite doing everything correctly. Why is it so? Well, this is how our vocal box works, and it is tightly connected with our internal evolutionary mechanisms. Just like our stomach, our throat and vocal cords also need some interval to come out of sleep. The scientists proved that the human voice labors finest between about 4 hours after waking and 2 hours before sleep. And this is decisively the best time for every kind of practice, exercise, and performance. It is also an optimal period to practice the most demanding and advanced exercises. Directly like widening our vocal range, strengthening our voice, and, of course, singing the highest notes we can. Training in different hours is serviceable as well but might not be that intense.

Practicing a few times a day? Or maybe one time but more intensively?

The latest scientific research also proves that we should treat singing as any physical activity for which we use our muscles. As we know, appropriate using the vocal box is an art of engaging its muscles. So, to achieve the most satisfying results, we need to coordinate our practice hours with our muscles’ efficiency. As some of you have probably noticed so far, these pieces of news opposite the daily routine of many singers. Including the professional ones. Customarily, we practice for about two hours in the evening or the middle of the day. In schools or universities, the situation is even more complicated. The private singing lessons take place at various times during the day. Sometimes, even in the late night. However, if it is up to us, it is always better to keep to the hours when our body clearly works better. For sure, it is going to bring to fruition in the future.

Finding the time for practicing even in the middle of a busy day

According to recent studies, practicing once per day is no longer a proper approach to a professional vocalist’s training scheme. The better option is training multiple times a day for shorter periods. That, in the wider perspective, brings better and longer-lasting results. The most suitable way is singing the high notes intensively about four times each day for twenty-minute periods. Indeed, this is a process that allows focusing significantly on one or two skills each time. Thanks to this method, we don’t overwhelm our brain with an overabundance of stimuli and information. As a consequence, its efficiency drops down. It is also important not to sing with a full belly. That means we shouldn’t practice singing the high notes soon after lunch. Noticeably, this way of studying also has a bright side. It is not hard to find a quarter of an hour for practice, even at work. And the longer brain focusing on singing the high notes, makes a better effect shortly.

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Voice coach Ron Anderson can teach you how to sing high notes. Be sure to visit Ron’s Youtube channel:

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