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Tom Cruise’s vocal coach

From the enclosed video clip you can find out who is Tom Cruise’s vocal coach. It presents Cruise himself giving an interview during one of his movie-promoting press tours, talking about his cooperation with vocal coach Ron Anderson.

Ron Anderson was Tom Cruise’s vocal teacher when the actor needed to prepare for the role of Stacee Jaxx in the musical ‘Rock of Ages’.

Tom Cruise speaks about working with Ron Anderson, his vocal coach

I spent many months and hours training my voice with a great vocal coach Ron Anderson. And I trained, I also worked Adam Anders the music producer, so and also dancing with Mia Michaels.

Question: Tom, what’s better, being a rock star or a movie star?

Man, I get to do both

Vocal coach Ron Anderson helps to discover Tom Cruise’s voice

You know it was really… first thing we had to find it discovers what is my voice and what is the voice of the character. And then, of course, you know, they had a of fun you know coming… it was part of the character… so it was trying to, you know, at all everything, in a movie everything helps, the hair, the makeup, you know. But, but really the first hurdle and the first thing we had to figure out was, you know… it’s not just learning how to sing because I trained for five hours a day for many months. But it was also… there in singing you have got opera, you have got pop, you have got Broadway, you have got rock. So it was finding out what is that, what is that rock voice and then kind of work on the behavior, and the wardrobe from them.

Q: When your tour is on? When your tour?

Which one, man?

Q: Come on, you’re a rock star now.

Could you imagine, could you imagine. It’s busy making movies. There’s a lot of fun.

Q: How is it to migrate from an actual movie star to a rock star?

There is so much fun. There are a lot of things, you know, I realized singing a song is very much like acting, that you are here to tell the story. And once I kind of I figured that out, it was easier… you know… I’m working technically on so many things, the dancing, the singing, and then, you know, as you’re doing it I’m trying to feel that character. So what’s was I held on to that it was it’s just I got to do so much fun doing it. Bless.

A true cinematic hero. Not only of the 80’s

Tom Cruise is a person who requires no introduction. In the 1980s, he was virtually synonymous with the most quality Hollywood productions. He is also doing great today, appearing as an actor in at least one production every year. Tom is also successful as a producer. For the first time, a wider audience could admire his undeniable talent when he played the leading role in the movie “Risky Business” (1983). Earlier, he had already collaborated with Francis Coppola. However, he gained worldwide fame as Maverick in the movie “Top Gun” (1986). Then he became a real movie star of the 1980s. Although it was a very characteristic role, Tom managed to escape from a pigeonhole. Boldly taking on the new acting challenges, Tom created the other great roles. Subsequent films – “The Color Of Money” (the same year 1986!) and, above all, a duet with Dustin Hoffman in the hit “Rain Man” (1989), established his position as a versatile actor.

The memorable performer and probably the most influential man in show business

Tom Cruise ended the 1980s in style, starring in the major melodrama “Born on the Fourth of July” (1989) by Olivier Stone. His role as a Vietnam veteran earned him an Oscar nomination. In the next decade, the actor did not slow down at all. Unlike others who couldn’t find their place in the 90s, Tom once again made memorable roles in such films as the megahit “Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, 1994” in a duet with Brad Pitt, or “Jerry Maguire ”(1996). To his characteristic creations, he also added the role of Ethan Hunt in another iconic film – Mission: Impossible (1996). It was also his first project as a producer. In turn, his performance in the film “Magnolia” (1999) at the end of the decade brought him another Oscar nomination. Later that same year, he and his wife Nicole Kidman played the main roles in the famous Stanley Kubrick film „Eyes Wide Shut”.

Watch the official trailer for ‘Rock of Ages’ with Tom Cruise and Diego Boneta, who also was a student of Ron Anderson. You can learn more about this cooperation here.

Tom Cruise is singing in Rock Of Ages. The new challenge after a 30-years career

In the following years, the actor again did not slow down. Actually, every film he made in the 2000s turned out to be more or less successful. The sequel to “Mission: Impossible 2” (2000) was a huge hit. But the films Vanilla Sky (2001), Minority Report (2002) and the adaptation of H.G. Wells’ novel “War Of The Worlds” (2005) did just as well. The success of the Mission: Impossible films meant that this decade was practically marked by their continuations. In 2010, Tom Cruise faced a new challenge with the musical movie “Rock Of Ages”. He was supposed to play the fictional music star of the 80s – Jaxx Staycee. Although his acting skills cannot be denied, he had to take private singing lessons. They were given to him by the vocal teacher to the stars, Ron Anderson, known for his unique and effective teaching techniques. The result was another, iconic role for the true hero of Hollywood.

Tom Cruise’s vocal coach other famous students

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