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Tom Keifer’s vocal coach

From the enclosed video clip you can find out who is Tom Keifer’s vocal coach. It is a testimonial from Keifer himself talking about cooperation with vocal coach Ron Anderson. Check the transcription below:

Who is Tom Keifer’s vocal coach?

This is Tom Keifer from Cinderella and I wanted to talk about Ron Anderson a little bit. I came to Ron about a year and a half ago. My voice was just shot. I hadn’t toured then three years and I really felt like my career was finished. I had been to many different voice teachers and the experience with Ron was quite different.

There were so many things that he taught me, he was so much more detailed in his teaching about how to breathe and where to breathe from, and where… what the valve should feel like, and where they should be… and it’s, it’s… it was just night and day to some of the other experiences that I’ve had. And here I am a year and a half later, and I just completed my first tour in four years. We did four months and I had a really great time out on the road.

Ron saved my career basically. He’s just a great teacher. He really is. He’s there with every note when he is going through the scales with you and stuff and… he is awesome.

Tom Keifer, Cinderella

Tom Keifer and one of the most iconic glam rock voices of the 80s

Carl Thomas Keifer (born January 21, 1961) is an American guitarist and vocalist of the glam-rock group Cinderella. His original, hoarse, and even growling, voice has always been his trademark. It made Cinderella very different from other groups that played this kind of music. Glam singers usually sang in a high and clear voice. Thomas’ vocals and the group’s infectiously melodic hits, such as „Don’t Know What You Got”, “Shake Me”, “Night Songs”, “Nobody’s Fool”, or “Coming Home”, elevated the band to the heights of popularity in the second mid-1980s.

These songs and perfect-shot albums such as „Night Songs” (1986), „Long Cold Winter” (1988), or „Heartbreak Station” (1990) were proof of Thomas’ extraordinary talent as a composer as well. An artist who can easily write strong, melodic pieces. This ability, combined with high guitar playing skills, made him the natural leader of the band. One of the most memorable glam-metal bands in the history of show business.

The way through the suffering. The Cinderella and worldwide fame

Thomas’s talent didn’t appear out from nowhere. He was born into a very musical family and started learning to play the guitar as a little boy. In high school, he was already playing in his first band, and then he even wanted to quit his studies to devote everything to music. After completing his education, he cooperated with several more or less popular groups, such as Saints in Hell, Telapath, and Diamonds. However, the turning point in his life was the formation of the Cinderella group with Eric Brittingham.

Despite his innate shyness, Keifer took the role of a vocalist, which turned out to be a bull’s eye. Gene Simmons from Kiss was the first to learn about the potential of Cinderella’s musicians. Yet, they signed their first contract thanks to Jon Bon Jovi. One evening he saw Thomas singing and playing guitar on the stage. In a moment, he was convinced Keifer would be a star.

A long and hard fight for the efficiency of the vocal cords

Certainly, the voice of Cinderella’s frontman remains one of the most distinctive in the 1980s (perhaps even all-time). However, repeatedly using it to the maximum has caused Thomas many problems. In 1991, while preparing for a tour in Japan, Keifer’s voice became completely shot. The diagnosis was terrifying: vocal cords paresis. Doctors practically ruled out the artist’s further singing career. The following years were marked by many surgeries which brought ambiguous results. After the poor reception of their fourth album „Still Climbing” in 1994, Cinderella ceased to exist for a while.

Keifer himself began a difficult period of alternating vocal cord surgeries, solo recordings, and Cinderella’s occasionally reunion performances. After all treatments, Thomas had to learn to sing almost anew. The master vocals teacher Ron Anderson, reliable as usual, came to his aid. Thanks to him, Cinderella was able to return to the tour after many years of break. And Keifer’s legendary voice – to be heard live again.

Tom Keifer’s vocal coach other famous students

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