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Top 5 tricks how to survive the singing tour

How to survive the singing tour, read the guide prepared by the vocal coach to the stars.

Are you planning to go on a singing tour with your band? Do you wonder how it is and what is the best way to prepare for such an experience? The Voixtek team, along with the vocal coach to the stars Ron Anderson, sat down and prepared the following guide. It is for you to know how best you can prepare your body and your voice for the tiring challenge, which is every singing tour.

How to survive the singing tour, tricks used by the best artists
How to survive the singing tour, find out what are the tricks used by the best in the music industry.

#1. Preparation: Survive the singing tour by making preparations

The voice of the artist should be the foundation of every singing tour:

  • preparation of your setlist and
  • learning exactly how to implement the technique when singing each song.

#2. Rest: the critical factor in surviving the singing tour is getting enough sleep

Make sure you schedule a time to sleep and rest between shows. It is critical to keep up the stamina for the tour. A VOICE will not function regardless of how beautiful you think you sing if your body has not had enough rest time.

#3. Warm-up: protect your voice during your singing tour

You must warm up, preferably with your singing coach, before every performance. Whether the coach is traveling with you, or via facetime, that warm-up is essential.

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How to survive the singing tour, tricks used by the best artists
The list of tricks on how to survive the singing tour prepared by the Voixtek team and Ron Anderson, vocal coach to the stars

#4. Pace yourself as the best singers do

When you’re performing, make sure you have created mile markers within your show. Then you can properly pace yourself, your voice, and your body, without fatiguing and overextending yourself and your instrument.

#5. Cool Down at the end

It is just as important, if not even more critical than the warm-up. Cooling down your voice will reset your instrument and bring it back into homeostasis. It will allow you to rest and wake up renewed, refreshed, and ready to sing again. The warm down or cool down, too, should be guided by your voice coach on tour or virtually.

How did Alicia Keys prepare her voice for her tour?

Touring is highly demanding. It is imperative that the setlist is predetermined and that every note is uninterrupted. We worked very hard and teaching the technique of singing with the body doing all the work and the breath and sound remain supported and free. 

Weeks and weeks of reviewing every song and making sure the vowel modifications were present are the fundamentals of touring. Alicia was able to retain her voice even in the most demanding schedule. Also remember we eat, sleep, and treat our body like the machine it needs to be when touring. The Voixtek Method is proven and Ron Anderson has been using it on all his students for over 50 years!

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