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Guide to successful cooperation with a vocal coach

Are you looking for a vocal coach? Do you wonder how to cooperate with a voice coach? Check our guide to successful cooperation with a vocal coach.

How much does it cost to have a vocal coach?

When it comes to singing and training the costs vary depending on the experience of the vocal coach. Just like athletic coaches, there are high school coaches who help those athletes and then there are the pro-level training coaches that the real athletes use. Depending on your goal, you must find the best vocal coach to train with. One with experience and a long history of making great singers better!

Now that you know how a vocal coach can be used, the prices vary from beginners $50+ per hour or the really advanced training coaches starting at $400 plus per hour and going as far up as $10K for an intensive course.

Knowing the prices of a vocal coach doesn’t necessarily mean that if they’re high priced they are good. You must truly research their clients and see why they are so well revered. Lessons create the foundation on which your career will stand on. Make sure you choose wisely, as mastering the skill of singing can only be attained through experience and great tutelage.

Is a vocal coach worth it?

Investing in your future is essential to becoming a true professional. Would a scholar not go to school?

No, of course not. When you make the decision to train your voice it’s like choosing to go to university. To some, it may seem unnecessary but those who know the truth about the professional artists out there, know that each one sees a coach regularly and that many of them have their vocal coach traveling with them during touring.

For every hour you invest in learning to properly, you add value to your voice not only physically but also in the longevity of the career you have chosen. So YES! Getting a voice coach, if it’s the right one, is worth every penny you spend!

How do I find my voice coach?

A voice coach should be someone who has the experience and the accreditation of a list of clientele. Also, where and with whom did the voice coach learn how to sing and teach is an integral part of choosing a coach. There are many singers out there and just because they can sing, does not mean they can teach! Beware of the coach who does not have a resume that shows you where they have trained and how good their clients are singing.

It is important that you get recommendations and research the teacher. Keeping in mind that the voice coaches that are the best in the business will be hard to contact and very high priced, but if you want to become the best, one must train with the best!

What can a voice coach do?

Once you have chosen the right voice coach, that coach will change your life! It will build your confidence and assurance when singing. Your voice coach is not there to mock or judge you. The vocal coach is supposed to assess your voice, your technique and build a path towards teaching you how to master the art of singing. Yes, it is an art, but you are an athlete, and as such tourist train like one.

You will learn warm-up and cool-down routines. You will learn vowel modification and how to properly pronounce consonants. Where the breath comes from and how to use the breath to manage the voice. You’ll learn all about the foundation of singing and how to project safely while controlling the airflow. Some vocal coaches will teach you microphone dynamics and stage performance. In short, everything a singer does on stage has a purpose and that purpose is explained by the voice coach!

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