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How can a vocal coach teach you to sing rock?

How can a vocal coach teach you to sing rock?

And is it even possible? A vocal coach is a guy with a piano with whom you practice singing notes. Isn’t he? How can he teach you how to sing powerful, emotional rock songs? Or rock ballads? What does he know about harsh, hard rock vocals filled with pain? Nothing could be more wrong! Even the best and the greatest rockers successfully do hire singing teachers! Check, for example, Ron Anderson’s satisfied clients. Among them, you can find the most renowned and famous rock stars. There are, among others, Riche Sambora, Axl Rose, and Myles Kennedy. Cedric Bixler, Chris Daughtry, and Brandon Boyd as well. (click here to read more about Ron Anderson’s clients).

Axl Rose's vocal coach Ron Anderson
Voice coach Ron Anderson during AC/DC concert. Anderson worked with Axl Rose to prepare him for these concerts.

Even the metalheads take lessons from vocal tutors. Despite this fact, rock as a music genre is not usually associated with classes by the piano and singing the octaves. However, every professional performer has to admit a simple fact. Decidedly, a core and base of each singing type, you learn precisely this way.

Is singing rock much different from singing the other music genres?

That is the point. No! Believe it or not, the mechanism of any vocal expression is the same. How is it so? Principally, simple. Singing, as the whole process, does engage four main body parts. In sequence, they are the diaphragm, chest, throat (with a larynx), and mouth. The most interesting for us here is a diaphragm and chest. Decisively, we can call them ‘a vocal engine.’ Although all of these parts have their share in creating sound, these two are its firm base and support. Indeed, everything starts and comes from the diaphragm on the exhalation. Accurately, everything that comes after is just an addition and air stream adjustment. A chest next to the diaphragm adds distortion to this stream. And the last two elements create the tone (throat) and release it shaped into the words (mouth). The work of the throat and mouth is what allows us to change the timbre of our voice. However, ‘the singing engine’ remains the same in all vocal genres.

Versatile vocal coach teaching rock and roll. Singing, of course, not the lifestyle.

Rock n Roll, metal, pop, and all other genres are all created from one biological instrument. We all have the same biology, so having the same support and technique when using your voice is crucial to all singers. That is the answer to a question: can a vocal coach teach me singing rock? Of course, he can. And there are endless advantages of hiring him. Decidedly, the most relevant one is his experience. Usually, the singing teachers are vocalists themselves with decades of stage practice. Not only are they theorists but also managers. Besides, what is a highly relevant thing, they will help you to avoid the most common bad singing habits. A lot of singers spend months and years getting rid of inaccurate techniques and methods. Another pro of hiring a coach is instant feedback and monitoring your progress. Undoubtedly, it is the best way of development for anyone who wants to sing rock!

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