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Improve voice resonance and vocal tone

All that You didn’t know about a vocal resonance

A lot of people think that voice and our voice tone are created only in and by our throat. Nothing more wrong than that. Every master vocals teacher knows, that our voice is a result of the cooperation of many body parts. Its tone is a resultant value of many various vibrations coming from our throat but also from the mouth, cavity, and nasal passages. All these together produce our recognizable voice.

The effect of fewer known body parts is often underrated. And it’s wrong. Why?

Because when we know how they work, we can successfully use them to take our singing at a really higher level.

How to do this? You can try our singing app. And how about voice lessons online? Voice lessons expert Ron Anderson will tell You, step by step, how vocal resonance can improve your singing skill. Voixtek is a completely new way of learning. It engages an entire body. Not only Your throat.

Improve your vocal resonance and vocal range
Scroll down for the video in which Ron Anderson explains the tip and present how it works.

Treating voice as a precious musical instrument

Yes, because it is a musical instrument. And just like for example piano, violin or guitar, it has its own special chambers to resonate. Those chambers are referred to as individual parts of the human body. Parts as a mouth, nose, or chest. The condition and shape of these elements very often have decisive meaning for our voice and our singing quality. When we are stressed, those parts are shrunken. Very often we are not even aware of this. But this makes a difference.

Improve your vocal resonance and vocal range
Ron Anderson, vocal coach of the stars, presenting how to improve voice resonance

It has a significant effect on our voice’s tone, and even more – for our singing. Especially for clear hitting the highest notes. That’s why You absolutely should maintain and preserve your instrument in good shape. Voixtek singing app can provide You a very useful set of exercises, tailored to Your daily schedule. Find out the way, that sounds go through You. Feel them. Engage Your mind and whole body to relax and get rid of unnecessary contractions.

Popular ways to improve voice resonance and vocal tone

The key to good resonance is proper breathing support and proper vowel formation.

A good way of daily practice are exercises in humming. Let’s start to hum any note at a comfortable pitch. It is very important to feel the vibrations both in the chest and in the head. We should observe them, and the way that through the sound flows. Controlling the shape and size of those chambers is the key to optimally using resonance. It is also crucial to remember breathing frequently.

Now we can move the pitch slightly two octaves higher or lower, still paying attention to how our head and chest feel. Definitely we must avoid forcing air when we are humming. When we spot the differences, we should try to change the shape of selected chambers and adjust their vibration to gain the desired vocal effect. The quality and color of a voice usually depend on the singer’s ability to develop and use various resonances. This may be a lifetime practice.

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What Ron Anderson says in the video above:

Hi, I’m Ron Anderson, and let’s talk about the resonators. The biggest resonation chamber we have is our chest voice or our speaking voice. And that’s the entire chest cavity. So, we resonate into that chest cavity, but we really don’t want to sing into it. That means that we are going to go aaa instead of aaa. Because the second we have set down into it, we can’t get through the middle voice without braking or without cracking. Or without having a major problem because it’s too thick and too heavy.

So, we are going to move the voice across the roof of the mouth. And into the back of the head. And then all the resonation chamber is opening here in the mask. So, the mask brings the beauty of the voice. It brings the nasality of the overtones. And it also is where it releases the throat. The real job in the mask is to release this. So, we always circulate air into the nasal cavity. But don’t make everything complicated. It’s very easy, very light. All we are going to do is to yawn as we’re going up to the top. And pushing the breath down. Have a good time. Practice it because it really works.

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