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Vocal warm-up the proper way

In this article, you will read about:

  • Why do You really need to have a proper vocal warm-up before singing?
  • What a good warm-up can give You? And what can it take away?
  • Why should a good singer always warm-up?

You will also find a section with frequently asked questions:

  • What is a good vocal warm-up?
  • How do you warm up your voice?
  • How long does a vocal warm-up last?
  • Do vocal warm upS improve singing?

Why do You really need to have a proper vocal warm-up before singing? And why do you need a vocal coach for that too?

how to warm up for singing
Watch the entire video clip below of Ron Anderson explaining the necessity of vocal warm-up

To warm-up is a good thing in many fields, so singing, the vocal warm-up, is a necessity. You can trust Ron Anderson, the professional voice coach of the stars when he says that. Each aware of the consequences athlete knows, warming up his muscles and body is the key to later effective training and overall training effects. It’s the same situation in singing. Warming up the body parts responsible for vocals significantly results in later clear, melodic, musical singing. And what is more important – it even gives us a possibility to hit the highest notes clear.

None of the professional singers should neglect it. Sometimes, just like in sports, when we postpone the warm-up, we can get seriously injured. The same thing can happen while singing when we hit a high note with unprepared vocal cords. It is a huge deal and a very unpleasant circumstance. That is why the Voixtek singing app will definitely useful for You. It will tell what kind of warm-up is the most efficient.

proper vocal warm up tips
Below the article, you will find a YouTube clip of Ron Anderson tip for professional voice warm-up

What a good warm-up can give You? And what can it take away?

Contrary to appearances, quite much. A warm-up should be an immanent part of every daily training. Why? As many professional vocalists have noticed, when You don’t do this correctly, the singing days are uneven. Sometimes we can easily sing better. But sometimes – something doesn’t go right. Our voice just tires up real fast. And very often, we are unable even to finish a song. That can make every performance real torture. And that is why You should never neglect a good warm-up.

Effective exercises in warming up all singing parts will keep our voice always in good shape. And that is exactly what we desire. The good ones involve not only Your mouth, larynx, and diaphragm but also the muscles surrounding. Voixtek is the place on the web where You can find professional singing lessons online and where an experienced vocals couch will match the best warm-up exercises with your voice.

vocal warm up for professionals
From the video below, you will find out more also about vocal nodule formation; scroll down for more

Why should singers always warm-up?

Because that’s what singers do! Body and vocal warm-ups will prepare you to ease into the vibrations you must feel while singing. Exercises approved by Voixtek will make it possible for You to produce sounds You haven’t even heard earlier. The singing practice can be fun too. And also a pleasure. You probably have found that it is easier for You to sing lower notes at the end of the day. But it’s much harder to do at the beginning of the day. This is one of the problems that Ron Anderson will help You to solve.

Lack of connectivity between the singer’s body and the placement of its resonance is a common met issue. Our really effective warm-ups will also help you get comfortable throughout your full range before you sing the extreme notes in a song. From now, You don’t have to risk unpredictable or anxiety-filled performances. Warm-up just make You a better singer.

You can also check this video and other Ron Anderson tips for instant better singing on our YouTube channel – click to go there.

What Ron Anderson says in the video above:

Hello, I’m Ron Anderson. And why do we-warm up? We warm up to avoid major problems. Because when we start to warm the voice up, we’re going to elongate all of the muscles bringing everything into play. All of the constrictive muscles, everything. So, they can all resonate together and work as a team. And not against each other. And then we heat the body involved because the body is an instrument. It’s not just your throat. Because again – all the muscles have to work as a team. An example: you wouldn’t go out and run a mile straight out the bed without stretching your body first. Because you’re liable to get cold muscles, hamstring. It is the same thing that’s going to happen to the voice if you do not warm it up correctly. You can get away with it for a while, but eventually, it is going to come back and bite you. Have a great day.

Vocal warm-up: frequently asked questions

What is a good vocal warm-up?

This question is popular among singers. Knowing the correct way to warm up is critical. For the most part, singers all know they must warm-up, but how? It’s important to let your body know it’s going to start working. Just like a runner before a marathon, who trains and stretches, so must every singer train and warm-up like the vocal
athlete they are.

To start, the burble sound, in Ron Anderson’s Voixtek method, will ease you into warming up the engine that is your body. Slow and controlled breathing is essential. Never burst or push, easy does it at the beginning, it is a warm-up, not a performance. Then following up with Geh sounds and arpeggios, and using other warm-up exercises will stretch and prepare the voice, body, and mind for the performance ahead. Remember it’s not the number of scales you sing or the many different ways you’ve been doing them, it’s about the quality of the warm-up and the positioning and placement of the voice box and resonance of sound.

How do you warm up your voice?

All warm-ups start nice and easy. The burble sound, in Ron Anderson’s Voixtek method, will ease you into warming up the instrument. Do controlled burble, also knows as lip trills, up and
down the scale. Slow and controlled breathing is essential. Never burst or push, easy does it at the beginning, it is a warm-up, not a race, yet! Then move onto the “Seh”, “BeeBehBah”, Rolled
R’s and “Hung” exercises.

These will be intense and a fast warm-up. It is extremely important that you know HOW to create the proper sound and not just imitate or emulate. A good foundation is key and using warm-ups incorrectly can create damage versus success. Learn how to use the voice, body, and mind all in synchronicity, to avoid damage and truly stretch, strengthen, and elongate the years in your voice.

How long does a vocal warm-up last?

The short answer, as long as it must! When we warm-up, the goal is simple, get my voice to a relaxed, stretched state so that it’s ready to rock, literally! The time can range from a 15-minute intense vocal warm-up to a 20-30 minute relaxing and rehabilitating warm-up.

Once you’ve learned the technique, you will know and feel the difference. If you cannot take Private lessons from an accredited source like Ron Anderson, use his online system,, and use all of our educational videos and support responses to gain
the knowledge we all need to sing well!

Do vocal warm-ups improve singing?

Absolutely! When done properly, Vocal warm-ups will aid in getting your sound to travel and stretch in all the right places. This causes improvement in breath control, proper use of the abdominal cavity, and, most importantly, freedom in singing notes you never thought you could. So, yes, PROPER warm-ups can and will improve your singing.

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